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  1. Unrelated side note, I'm glad there are still a few die hards out there that still come to mograph.net every now & then. I really love this place.


    Haha, still check in a couple times a week, but rarely post anymore. But every now & then something good pops up.


    As for the new iMac Pro, the upcoming one looks pretty good for what I do, but if it truly comes in at $17,000 fully loaded, that's pretty much a no-go for me.

  2. If you can wait, it sounds "likely" that a new Macbook Pro is coming later this year. 3Q-4Q. It's been quite awhile since they've done a decent upgrade, so I would hold off if you can.


    I'm working on an early 2013 MBP. Mainly After Effects/Illustrator/Photoshop with a little C4D. It's been fine, although I wish I had more RAM (only 8 GB). Don't do a lot of heavy expressions work or super processor heavy work so for the most part it's been fine.


    Depending on what type of 3D work you do, the current models are probably not up to what you might need.

  3. The WIP part is awesome but what I really want/need is a true Vimeo replacement, i.e. a place to upload videos that I can then use on my portfolio site.

    For that Vimeo+ is only $60/year. If you could match that, I would change in a heartbeat.


    Where the product is lightyears ahead of Vimeo is the collaboration and project organisation features. And it doesn't cost any more.


    I'm confused on this part. Vimeo Pro is $200/year. Even paying annually the Freelancer cost comes to $288/year and the pro $492/year.

  4. Much respect Binky. I watched all of these & picked up a lot of good nuggets of wisdom. I've always loved your critiques, honestly the best part of this site right now. You've certainly been tough but fair with some of my stuff which I really appreciate. It's hard to get criticism like that in most places. Really made me re-think some stuff.


    I also love the way you talked about the how & why, not just push button A, push button B crap that passes too much for tutorials these days. I want to know the thinking behind it & this delivered in spades.


    I've been wanting to re-do my reel for awhile now, and it's certainly given me a lot to consider that I hadn't thought of before. I really want to take the time to re-brand & carefully go through everything. Loved your thought "create an experience for the viewer and that they remember that experience."


    This was pure gold. Really hope you do more of these. Another series on your whole design process would be awesome as well. I haven't been active on this site much lately, but wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciated all the time & effort that you obviously put into this. It really showed.

  5. Geekbench scores are thoroughly unimpressive: http://browser.primatelabs.com/mac-benchmarks

    I was hoping for at least a mid-range between my 2011 17" Macbook Pro & the Mac Pro (Mid 2010) I work on

    but it's barely better than last years iMac. Seems making it thin was more important than making it powerful.


    I was going to get it if but I think I'm going to hold off for the hope of a Mac Pro late 2013.

    If you wanted to go the iMac route I almost wonder if you'd be just as well off getting last years model &

    saving the money for something else.

  6. Curious how many people here use twitter & what their @name is.

    Looking for more mograph types to follow.


    I'm @jasfish.


    I post about mograph/music/movies/books.


    What's your overall take on twitter?

    I use twitter daily, hardly ever use Facebook anymore.

  7. I went a few years ago. I think if you're hoping to make some connections you might have some luck.

    I didn't think the sessions were that great.

    The parties can be awkward, just depends if you know anyone ;)

    Seems more geared towards management types than creatives.

    But if your company is springing for it, then I say go for it.

  8. nick is not doing anything wrong. but when his audience shoves these types of tutorials into their reels and sends it to studios and clients, how are they to know which individual was the originator and which was the copycat. it's not that the original designer won't get credit, but now they are discredited for having that piece in their reel. producers will say "oh look, another one of the same project. must be a tutorial. trashbin."


    i've been lucky enough to have sat next to some very talented "designers", and they are very touchy with their work. i've also seen reels literally get trashed because of the most faint traces of tutorial work and plagiarism.


    I think these two points are golden in this whole discussion.


    1. Nick's not doing anything wrong.

    2. If you put any tutorial based work into your reel, whether it's from Nick or Video Co-pilot, fxphd, HYPA, anyone .. be prepared to have it dismissed. That might not be fair, but I think that's a real risk you run.


    Those of us who have been doing this for awhile can spot these a mile away. I've actually seen some very well done work that takes a Greyscale tutorial and turns it into something unique. But I still thought of it as a Greyscale tutorial, for better or worse. And that's what sucks to me. You can do something fairly original, but if it's based on someone else's tutorial, it's hard not to reference that in your mind.


    I work at a small post-house in Milwaukee, and even here, most of the reels we get are almost all tutorial based. They look a lot better than they did 5 years ago, but it doesn't give me any more confidence in taking a chance on them. In fact, it makes me wonder how they'll actually perform under a deadline and working on something that isn't based on a tutorial.


    Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with doing these tutorials. I still do a lot of C4D tutes, trying to get better all the time.


    But generally I think it's a huge mistake to put anything even remotely based on a tutorial in your reel. Maybe that's being harsh, but I think in the long run, you'll be better off. Believe me, I've made that mistake & I think it's held me back in some ways. So take that for what it's worth.


    Which reminds me, I really need to get my new reel finished up & posted ASAP ;)

  9. Hey all. I've got 4 invites available if anyone wants to check out http://motionleague.com/


    I don't know too much about the site yet, but I believe they are trying for a mix between Mograph.net and Creative Cow, FWIW.


    Anyone, the first 4 people to hit me up can check it out themselves. email me at:


    john [at] jasfish [dot] com


    if interested.



  10. Notice the USA fans that cry about the bad call that cost them a goal and thus, the game. Here's a different perspective. Had they not played like crap the first half, and gone down by 2, they would have won, regardless of that bad call.


    Ugh, I'm so sick of that argument, they played a bad half so they didn't deserve to win. You don't get credit for winning a half, you get credit for winning the game. The US dominated the second half, scored the game-winning goal and had it stolen by the ref. That's not crying, that's a fact.

  11. If someone hasn't paid within 6 months, which already is too long, and/or offers only 75 percent of what they owe, they damn well deserve go be called out.


    As much as I love the theory of this list, it is scaring the ever loving shit out of me.


    I think it could be toxic to our industry, prone to defamation lawsuits, and has the possibility to become really childish.


    This could become Yelp seriously fast. *Everyone* in the industry needs to behave like professionals.




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