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  1. Watch the movie "Syriana" too .. really well done.


    The guy who wrote the book the movie was based on is ex-CIA.




    This is another book he wrote .. Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude. Great read.


    Pretty scary how easily the Saudi's were able to buy their way into our entire government, democrats and republicans.


    Little of what's going on in the mid-east has to do with oil.


    Are you serious?

  2. I'd show you, but I'm in a race with the clock since yesterdays fuck-all race with jasfish to have the most posts.


    That's what you get for wasting all your time here :D


    I'd like to say I'm working on something cool but then I'd be lying.

    Good old-fashioned retail .. woo-hoo :angry:

    Be nice if it wasn't a total rip of another spot someone else did.

  3. I'm in the same boat, no real problems in terms of performance. The thing that bothers me is the extremely wide range of problems that people are having. It suggests that AE is becoming highly configuration dependent, therefore much less reliable on a whole.


    Especially when you consider how rock solid it used to be .. going back to 4.0 through 5.5.

    I've noticed smaller problems creeping up ever since 6.0 and for me it's the worst right now. Not enough to switch back to 6.5 but enough to be irritating.

  4. I spent two weeks on it.


    Ha. Yeah well, it probably won't be titled that anymore. I was being a little sarcastic when I wrote that, but I do think Otis has a really strong program, and I wonder if there are some lessons that SCAD can learn.


    To do it properly, I want to interview some of the faculty and students at Otis, something I plan on doing soon. I met the director of their digital media department at BDA, I just need to do a little follow up.


    I wonder how much the locations of the schools has to do with it.


    That would be my first instinct. A lot easier to get people like Chris Do teaching classes at Otis .. while I don't know who SCAD could get. As an outsider, it seems like the focus is different at the schools too. Although I don't how much that is an east coast/west coast thing.

  5. I've had to do more force quits with AE 7 than any other program I've ever used. I'll start a RAM preview .. walk away, come back, and it's in an endless loop, can't stop it .. nothing. Force quit's the only thing that works. Or I'll try to use the Hide AE command .. and the program seems to just freeze.


    Plus, it's hella slow on the latest Macs compared to 6.5. I don't hate it, just find it frustrating at times.

  6. Looks put together well. The composition could use a point of focus, what about a non-mirrored element in the middle, like a full body shot of a model or something.


    Animate that shite!


    Yeah, I'll be using some titles as the point of focus .. but I didn't want to detract from the style frames as is. Plus, I'm still hammering out some different type styles. I'm still kind of slow in 3D .. so it'll take a little time to animate .. because I'd like to use some of these elements as 3D .. like the lipstick tubes .. maybe the sunglasses .. whatever's not too tough to model .. although I do want to push myself there.


    Thanks for all the replies guys (and girl). I still have the title card to design which I'll post ASAP .. and then I'll start in on the animation.

  7. Added a new post, this time with some new work:




    (Runs away and hides.)


    I like the way it resolves, from the b/w graveyard to the end .. but the rest just feels really disjointed.

    I didn't care for the sequence with the arm turning things on .. the look didn't feel right.

    Some of the 3D animation sure could have used some drop shadows .. I'm thinking specifically of the centipede .. doesn't integrate well with the scene.


    The opening sequence into the eye was quite nice .. I liked that a lot.


    The beating heart would have worked a lot better without the shine .. or at least with a better light effect.

    A better illustration of the heart would have been nicer too.


    It feels like a first draft .. not a finished piece. One with unrealized potential.

  8. So I created a simple animation of text using 3d space and a camera for the motion. The animation looks fine and everything is perfect in the RAM preview. When I export, the text fades out half way through the animation and reappears before the end. It looks like there is about a 5 frame dissolve as the text disappears. The solid layer behind it (also using 3d space) has no problems, just this one layer. Anyone have an idea of whats going on? Like I said, the animation is correct in the RAM preview.


    is your RAM preview at full-rez?

  9. I think it looks pretty cool man. Just make sure you have them doing coke at some point in the animation.


    heh, I actually thought about that .. plus, maybe slapping as assistant in the face.

  10. now i just got 2 more then you ... but jasfish is hot today ... no work is gona be done today for him.


    at least i<m in between RAM previews ;)


    Well, you know, 30 posts a day, 12 days and I'm back up to where I was before. I don't have as many to catch up as some of you :lol:

  11. These are the ones I know so far:


    nutrition_facts is boomberry.

    ai is jan.

    clintvideo is VelocityVideo

    og_reborn is adam

    crabbey1 is TheCrabster

    carniceria is mete_shop

    CHEYNE is scrotoscope

    edamame is Cutty Pastey


    tdog54 is TyMotion

    opus13 is misanthrope

    myexperiment is anthony

    edamame is cutty pastey


    Feel free to add more here. I'll add to the top here so it's easier to keep track.

  12. It's http://members.home.nl/sneyman/temp/avatar_wayne.jpg


    *edit* If anyone else can't remember where they stuck their avatars, do a google search of mograph.net

    This was a great way to check out old posts during the blackout, btw. On google's search page, you can always add "site:sitename.com". This will make it search only the pages of a specific site.

    For the avatars (and witty signatures,...) try http://www.google.ca/search?q=username+site%3Amograph.net

    Replace "username" with your username. Your old profile should be the first one to come up in the results. Don't click the link, but rather, click the "Cached" link. Then, just check the avatar's properties (right-click on it -> properties) and you've got your link.


    That's a great idea .. I completely forgot where my avatar was .. thanks man :)

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