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  1. Not sure how many people from the Milwaukee area are on this board .. but in case you haven't heard there's a new site for motion graphics here:


    The first meetup is on Tuesday December 1st at 7:30pm at Riverfront Pizzeria in the Third Ward. Come talk design, eat pizza, have a drink!


    I'm hoping to be there .. would be fun to meet any other mographers from the surrounding area (Chicago?) if you're in our neck of the woods.

  2. It's pretty hard to defend this .. shouldn't it be for things actually accomplished, not just talked about?

    Close Guantanamo Bay? No. Leave Iran? No. End the war in Afghanistan? No. The only thing I see is not agreeing to add a missile defense system to Eastern Europe.

    Seems very flimsy for a Nobel Peace Prize. And no, I'm not an Obama hater, I voted for him in the last election, this just seems like a poor decision to me.

  3. Looks a lot like the George Lucas/Matrix 2/3 issues. Let's just throw as much on the screen as possible because we can.


    Whatever happened to a little subtlety in VFX? Do we have to cram as much on-screen as possible?

    I'll definitely see this movie but I don't need to see 50-100 of the same ships in the scene to create impact.


    I wonder what Cameron's version of Aliens would look like now? Not as good I'd bet.

    Sometimes I think technology has made things worse for a lot of directors.


    Ahhhh.. sounding like a grumpy old man .. guess I'll just wait and see. Not as excited as before, though.

  4. Thanks for all the replies.


    I guess I should be a little more specific. Obviously, I'm not concerned about premium performance or I'd only be looking into towers.

    And setting up renders overnight and letting them go doesn't bother me either. I can always copy files and use a render farm somewhere if I need to.


    What I'm more concerned about is the general workflow. Will my cursor lag on the screen, will I be constantly waiting for the screen to update, that kind of thing. My main software is AE followed by C4D. Can I keep AE, C4D, PS, and AI all open at the same time, even if I'm not rendering anything, or is this just going to become a clusterf^ck that becomes more frustrating than it's worth. It sounds like people have different experiences with that.


    The reason I'm looking into a Mac is because that's what all my software is .. plus, it's what I'm comfortable with.


    When you hook up another monitor does that just mirror the laptop or can you set it up as a separate monitor to give you two screens?


    I really like the idea of being able to take my laptop to a client, or another place, but I can't afford two machines, so it's either a laptop or a tower.

  5. Looking into getting a laptop for home and my after hours work.


    I've got a good rig at my current job (dual quad mac) but wondering if anyone just uses a laptop for work?

    I use C4D, AE CS3, and the other usual suspects. I do a mix of SD and HD.


    Is it possible or too slow? I'd hook up a few extra hard drives, so I wouldn't be working off the laptop drive.

    I'd also hook up a 24" monitor at home.


    I like the idea of the portability, but wondering if the workflow would be too crazy.

    I've heard working is fine, it's the renders that kill .. plus, you can't really render and keep working.


    Just curious about others experiences.

  6. My two cents:


    1.) I think her intentions were good (she contacted culpfiction first).


    2.) I think she was trying to be conversational with the "wtf, dude" remarks. Obviously, could be taken the wrong way by some people.


    3.) I think something like this is almost impossible for someone to pull off without pissing people off or taking it the wrong way.


    So many people have blogs and are using them for different reasons. It's hard to differentiate yourself. I kind of see the thought process.

    She tried something. Judging by the comments on her blog, some people liked it.


    It is what it is.

  7. 30 minutes...? What utopia do you live in?


    My boyfriend works all of 3 miles away from our apartment, and it can take him over an hour on two buses to get to work...not to mention about 3 bucks one-way. There's our fantastic public transit for you.


    I live 20 miles from downtown and driving takes about 30-minutes on average. I take the bus and it takes about 50-minutes and costs $3.25 each way.


    (I was wondering the same thing leah, why not a bike? I would if I lived closer)

  8. Didn't see Chicago mentioned... reasonable cost of living...


    Really? You must be talking renting .. because I thought the housing market there was pretty over-priced. Unless I'm mistaken?

    Plus, if you don't live close to work, the commutes can be killer. Of course, I'm in Milwaukee, so anything longer than 30 minutes seems long :lol:

  9. I spent 25 years in TV News as a News Anchor and Reporter.

    Back in 2000 I became more interested in video production than daily news.

    While I kept my day job, I started learning - and it was in motion graphic design that I found my passion.


    Hey! Another ex-TV guy. I used to be a sports anchor/reporter in Madison before switching careers.

    Same thing, more interested in the graphics I was adding to stories so made the jump about 10 years ago.


    Self taught for the most part .. but now working at a post-house in Milwaukee.

    So it's possible, just takes a little time.

  10. In your render settings, did you add your object buffers in the Multi-Pass settings? Your scene looks set up right, but you need to add an object buffer for each object (under Channels in the Multi-Pass). I also render out an RGBA object in Multi-Pass as well.

  11. Nothing in your piece really communicated the message to me besides the words I read.


    I didn't really see any thoughts or feelings here.


    Your mograph cubes thing is pretty ambiguous and I don't get anything out of it.


    Crash and burn .. ouch!! But, I threw it out there .. and appreciate everyone's honesty.

    It sucks to hear but it's certainly unanimous.


    And abstraction is fine, if you're shooting for something like Gkaster's bladerunner tribute, which I imagine you are, but you still need to communicate something for it to be interesting to anyone else, and your best bet is to do that by constructing a mood.


    Funny you should say that, I've watched his work a ton in the past couple of months .. didn't actually think about it when I started this piece .. but subconsciously I guess I was kinda influenced by that style. Certainly not close to what he does, of course.


    I never know if it's worth re-visiting pieces, noodling them, trying to fix/improve. Is it worth trying to salvage, or do you chalk it up as a learning experience and move on to other things? Right now, I'm trying to do at least a couple of designs/animations a week. Generally, just 5-10 seconds, something I can put on my reel. But it's nice to have some longer full-length work as well.


    If you liked Neuromancer, check out Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash if you haven't already. Sincerely.


    Thanks for the suggestion, it looks interesting. I've browsed some of his recent work before, but was never able to get into it. I'll definitely have to check that out.

  12. Just finished a small animation based on the novel "Neuromancer" by William Gibson.


    Check it out here!


    My goals for this piece were to take something tangible, a novel, and animate my thoughts/feelings about it.


    Neuromancer is about a lot of different things; I only touched on a small part of it.

    It's not meant to capture the entire novel, only to give a taste.


    I used music from NIN. Set the mood I wanted. My color palette was based on a Kuler palette of Botticelli.


    But enough of that .. watch it, let it sink in .. and then let the feedback begin.


    Thanks for watching.

  13. The "trick" may be valuable to you, but I think what's more valuable is the ability to pull off a great effect/whatever and get it done in a timely manner. Someone who can do the work/hit deadlines/is easy to get along with is more valuable than any one specific "trick." My guess is you'll get more work by being the guy that people can count on to pull off a difficult composite and do it seamlessly without taking forever is worth more than anything else.


    Besides, in my experience, a "trick" that may work well with one specific type of composite, may not translate well to other shots. Be confident in your abilities, and I don't think you need to worry about some company ripping off your effect.

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