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  1. Haven't read it, didn't want to. But sometimes the best teachers aren't the best designers, and the best designers aren't the best teachers. Although in this case, it may be neither :)


    The best tutorials explain the thought process and why they did something rather than the tutorials that say "enter this exact number here, and do this." Greyscale Gorilla has some useful tutorials, the Monkey's files are good for digging into, Tim from Hypa passes along some good info. Lots more I'm forgetting.

  2. Awesome scene file, and great breakdown, thanks, Monkey! I played around a bit before trying to mimic that look for some tests I was doing, but I never thought to use materials that way. This is very helpful. The reversing normals tip was really excellent. I've always just used more materials.

  3. Our new CEO (an adsales guy btw) just told my boss that he ABSOLUTELY loves a graphic that we did that we did tongue-in-cheek a few months ago.


    You can always count on someone taking it too literally and thinking it's either the greatest/worst depending on their mood.

  4. I have a friend at one of the agencies in town, and during a meeting, after someone made a comment, the Executive Director said "I see your mouth moving, but all I hear is "stupid, stupid, stupid"". Can't say I've ever worked for anyone like that, but yeah, they're out there.


    And as for supervised AE work .. I see it more and more too. Half your time is spent trying to be social while you continue to try to work. It's not the easiest, that's for sure.

  5. I liked it a lot. This was cool, different, and you seem like an alright guy. Showed your personality a bit and I didn't think it seemed pretentious at all.


    My one critique would be it might be nice to add a demo reel of just work. What you've got was cool, and I wouldn't lose it, but some people might want to just see the work. Your reel showed a good range of work .. and it's a good way to show people "about" you .. but a quick hitting work-only reel might be a nice addition.


    My two cents.


    Good luck!


    P.S. Performance was really slow for me too .. took awhile for the pages to load. We have a dsl line here.

  6. i think many people point to acoustics because they are more forgiving up front. on an electric every little mistake is amplified to the same nominal volume, versus being able to to fluff some notes and get away with it


    That's actually what I like about the electric, you have to focus more on your technique right away, so you don't get into any bad habits right from the beginning.

  7. Learn to play an instrument. I just picked up the guitar and it's a blast. I'd played keyboards before and done a little strumming on a guitar, power chords, that type of thing. But it's amazing how quickly you can get into it if you have a little patience and time. Everyone recommended starting on an acoustic, but I don't care for that type of music usually, so I went straight to an electric and I love it.

  8. Also, XRefs.


    Hey Govinda, your tagline about keyframes reminds me of this editor we had for awhile.

    His line was "What's the difference between a good editor and a bad editor? One keyframe."


    He also called EISENSTEIN .. Einstein.


    Good stuff.


    Anyway, thanks for all the advice guys, I'll definitely look into Adam's plugin. And is TakeTools really Windows only? I downloaded the simple/test version for OSX.

  9. Okay, this may be obvious, but since I'm self-taught in C4D .. it's not to me :)


    How do you handle fairly complex scenes?

    I'm fine if it's a single move or moving between multiple cams (I use SteadyCamPro).


    But what do you do if you've got lots of different angles/scenes?

    Are you saving multiple projects, rendering out different cams constantly?


    As things get more complicated .. I keep turning on and off layers, adding cameras, doing multiple renders.

    It seems a little clunky and I'm looking for any advice long-time users can give me.


    I come from an AE background if that matters.

  10. If you don't like the weather here, just wait twenty minutes. We went from thunderstorm to blizzard to flooding to more blizzards up here in the past week. Fargo gets most of the attention, but here in Bismarck there's been a lot of flooding to battle too. We're not in as dire a circumstance as Fargo, but the south half of the city was in jeopardy for a few days and it ain't over yet.


    Out west our problem is more one of ice jams blocking the water of the Missouri as its tributaries continue to pass along the melt from record snowfalls. A climatologist pointed out (after Obama blamed global warming, natch) that snowfall here is greatest during the coldest winters, and we've had both. There's a big ice jam sitting just upstream of Bismarck, while the downstream one causing the flooding has been abated thanks to hard work, salt bombs, and plenty of C4. Our office called an emergency staff meeting Wednesday and told us that anyone who wanted to volunteer could do so "on the clock" so most of us left. There have been hundreds more volunteers than needed, which makes it easy to rotate out a bit when one gets tired.


    After a beautiful "spring weekend, last night we got 14 inches of snow. It's still snowing now, and I'm at home because our office closed. I got the call right after I carved out my sidewalks, the neighbors', the driveways, and even the alley with my snowblower. Even had the kids loaded up to go to the babysitter. But now I'm sitting at home watching it snow all day, presumably another eight inches of snow by evening. W00h00! And yet it's supposed to be quite warm by mid-week, meaning that we'll have even more water to contend with.



    One thing though: we haven't had any looting, any gang activity, nobody shooting at rescue helicopters, no rumors of "toxic soup"in the streets or rampant rapes or murders. Nobody has blamed FEMA (in fact, they haven't really been needed that I know of). There are no celebrities on the TV claiming that President Obama hates white people. Nobody has used it as an excuse to go running around confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens, assuring that the criminals are the only ones armed. Of course, there are more guns than people in ND...that'd be quite an effort.



    What's really amazing is that in most of the photos and video I've seen, just as in the time I spent volunteering at a sandbag operation, people are just smiling and kicking butt. Nothing is anybody else's fault.

    In Bismarck's case, most of the homes in jeopardy are the among the most expensive houses in central North Dakota, but nobody seems to be playing the class envy card. In fact they're simply helping "the rich" protect their property like anyone else.


    You can be darn sure that once the floods have abated there won't be anyone left waiting for years to come for FEMA to come and make them whole.

    I like living up here, and I like the resilience and generosity of the people here. Besides, once it's all done, we've got the bragging rights. This winter has given us -40 temperatures, thunderstorms in winter, record snowfall, good moisture for the crops, and tested the resolve and spirit of our communities. We sure are ready for spring, though!




    With a little bit of editing, nothing relevant to the story would have been left out. Could have been a nice story about helping out neighbors.

    I doubt anyone would have been upset then.

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