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    Bike shopping

    You can always go custom. This is in Milwaukee, but it's a pretty sweet deal for $500. I've got to believe there's something similar in NYC. Always nice to support your local companies when you can.
  2. Does anyone get any work out of Facebook? I'm on LinkedIn as well .. but I have to say I have more luck just replying to job postings. Anywhere, here's my Facebook page if anyone wants to add me. I guess like Harry says, it never hurts to have too many contacts.
  3. jasfish


    The thing that sucks is this is such a great story; it asks some really great questions. It could have, and should have been a great movie. I was more sad than disappointed when I walked out of the theater. I was hoping to be inspired .. but just felt .. meh.
  4. jasfish


    I was pretty disappointed. It was only okay .. not terrible, just not nearly on par with something like "The Dark Knight." I can't help thinking in the hands of a truly great director, maybe someone like Guillermo del Toro (Pans Labyrinth/Hellboy 2) or Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men/Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) this could have been a truly mind-bendingly great movie. Instead we ended up with Zack Snyder. I actually thought he did a better job with "300" than "Watchmen." It's okay to be faithful to the spirit of a novel, but come on man, bring something new to the table. It's worth seeing, just don't go in with high expectations.
  5. Ha! Yeah, I went through the tutorial a bit to see how it works. The prep work with a text editor like Text Wrangler is definitely the key to getting this to work well. Plus, he takes you through the script so you know what changes to make to get you at least close to your vision. I still think it's a big time-saver versus doing it all manually.
  6. You still retain individual control of all your layers with Lloyd's script .. it creates a new layer for each line of text.
  7. Lloyd Alvarez just demonstrated this technique awhile ago on AE TUTS: http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/motion-gr...le-redux-day-1/ Requires a little scripting, but it works great.
  8. That's pretty cool looking ..
  9. No need for any apologies from anyone. Yes, it's a WIP, but I knew it had issues. That's why I posted it. I wanted brutal honesty and that's what I got. That's what's great about this site. Better to stop early on and re-group than slog through the whole thing and wonder what went wrong. It's forcing me to look at some hard questions and sending me in some different directions so it'll either get better or really suck shite
  10. Geez, that sounded kind of whiny .. didn't mean it to
  11. Yup Dead on again. I did pick this piece because I really love that scene in the movie. So at least the original motivation was and is pure .. but you're right .. I never asked why. Why do I love it? I think it's some great dialogue .. I love the delivery. But I didn't go any deeper than that. Muddy is a great description of the way I've been feeling about it so far. I'm excited about the audio .. and a couple of other things in the piece .. but for the most part .. ugh. I've been beating myself up over this whenever I have some free time to work on it. Self torture is right. My process is basically this .. come up with an idea .. followed quickly by oooh, this looks like it should be fun to animate, let's jump into AE and start seeing how it looks in motion .. weeeh! A little later .. hmmm, I don't know why this isn't working the way I visualized it. My biggest weakness .. IMHO .. is I focus more on the animation at the expense of the design. I feel I can come up with some good ideas .. but it almost always feels as if I don't take it far enough .. that I give up too early on the design part. I know I've done good work in the past .. but I'm really trying to break past this level I'm currently at .. and it's hard .. and frustrating .. but I don't want to accept my current level of competence. I'm willing to put the time in .. I just really want to make sure it's the right kind of time .. and the right approach. I guess it's kind of like drawing .. some days it comes really easy .. and a lot of days it really feels like work. But I love every part of it .. and hopefully I can push past where I'm currently at. It's tough being the only motion designer where I work .. and Milwaukee isn't exactly a hot spot for this type of work .. but no excuses. I'm hoping by re-dedicating myself to showing work here .. for better or worse .. I can and will get better. Thanks again for your comments .. like I said before, I really respect your opinion and your work.
  12. Ouch. No, I'm trying to beef up my demo reel with personal work .. I don't have any kinetic type animations .. I like this scene from the movie a lot, so I wanted to make something cool .. something memorable. It didn't feel special, which is why I posted it here. It's pretty early in the process .. but you're right, after I got the audio timings down .. I jumped into designing and animating at the same time. I knew it didn't feel "right" which is why I stopped now, instead of animating the whole piece. I felt I needed to take a step back and your critique kind of hammers that home. Funny, I didn't post it feeling defensive, but I can see how it would be taken that way .. and perhaps sub-consciously I was. Mainly, I just wanted people to check it out and not dismiss it out of hand because it's "another type animation" thing, which unfortunately, that's all it is right now. It's personal work .. and although I have a decent amount of time invested in it .. it's not enough to keep me from throwing away a good chunk of it. Ironically, I was going to PM you and ask if you'd critique this because I really respect your opinion. Believe me, I knew this didn't feel right .. and it's the same effing trap I get into too often .. starting with an idea and jumping into the animation too soon. Maybe this will turn out to be garbage in the end .. I don't know. I want it to be cool and I want to be proud of it .. and that's why as painful as it is to show something that's obviously a WIP and fairly weak .. I needed to hear that .. because deep down it just didn't feel "right" if that makes any sense. Anyway, thanks for your time .. great critique as always .. and hopefully, the next time I update this you'll see something that looks a helluva lot better. Cheers! John
  13. Yes I know these type animations have been done a million times already .. but I'd appreciate anyone taking the time to check this out and pass some comments along. It's obviously somewhat stylistically influenced by Prologues title animation to the movie. Check it out .. and let me know any thoughts on the direction I'm going. I'd rather catch something now than finish the whole thing and miss something that might be obvious to others seeing it with fresh eyes. One quick note:The guitar and money graphics are just placeholders for now. I intend to do my all of my own illustrations. Thanks!
  14. Cool stuff .. looks like a lot of C4D w/mograph? The "Look C" is especially nice. I didn't realize how much you guys did .. for some reason I thought more of that high profile work was done by outside agencies. Pretty inspiring work!
  15. That was an "Atlas Shrugged" reference for those who didn't get it. Sorry to get all literary and everything
  16. No offense, but a lot of these seem to be exactly like existing tutorials out there .. Stadium lights .. http://www.tvgrafx.com/tutorials/tutorials/tips.html Hanging chain .. http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?autoc...mp;showfile=325 Tracer .. http://creativemac.digitalmedianet.com/art...le.jsp?id=43646
  17. hahahaha, this is awesome .. Gretchen Robinette shot this photo of a “No More Hipster Scum” sign being made at the Feburary 1st American Apparel protest. Here's the link to her flickr page .. the comments are pretty good too. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gretchenrobinette/3251994715/
  18. Some are incredibly easy and useful to use .. I love the loop out expression .. and Ease&Wizz comes in handy a lot of times as well. Just depends .. use the right tools for the job. Sometimes they're a huge help .. other times excessive. Why limit yourself to one way of thinking?
  19. What kind of stupid mf carries a gun in his sweatpants?! I don't know of too much you can put in the waistband of your sweats without worrying about it falling. Keys, wallet, whatever .. you know it's going to start to slide and start dropping down. But a loaded gun? This is almost stupid beyond belief.
  20. jasfish

    Robot Runaway

    uhhh .. what Binky just said Thoughtful analysis as always .. Binky's critiques are like gold. Read, learn, apply. Too often it's easy to get lost in the details, making things look cool and forgetting story. It looks okay, but everything feels rushed .. as if you ran out of time. The setup could use more work, and the payoff isn't special. Plus, with animation like this you really need to overemphasize things to make an impact. Look at some of the old Bugs Bunny stuff, or even the newer Pixar work. Squash and stretch it till it looks really bad, then pull it back. Exaggerate the movements. Right now, it's too easy to miss things. Anyway, that's my two cents. Not up to Binky's standards, but hopefully you can get something out of it
  21. jasfish

    Robot Runaway

    Can't see anything. I've let it load for at least 5-minutes and nothing comes up.
  22. Nice job everyone. Really appreciate all the time and energy you spend breaking things down. Cheers to you guys!
  23. Great post! I always appreciate your breakdowns and willingness to share scene files. I've certainly learned a lot trying to figure out how you did what you did. Nice job.
  24. jasfish


    With the games about to begin .. thought I'd pass this along in case anyone missed it. Some great illustrations on football here .. http://www.footballheroes.org/books/fh2008/index.htm http://blog.footballheroes.org/ Just ordered the book, it looks awesome.
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