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  1. While we're on the subject, I also try to avoid promising a certain number of ideas. Sometimes I have 1 good idea, sometimes I have 3, but I never have 5 good ideas for any project. Promising x number of concepts guarantees you'll have one good one, one passable one, and then several fillers that the client will pick and you'll be frustrated animating a half assed idea that you whipped off just to have an impressive number of concepts.


    Take this all with a grain of salt; working in TV all these years has made me impatient and grumpy. ;)


    Amen, to that. My boss frequently wants me to come up with 3-5 idea's for a projects .. and invariably it's the worst one that gets picked. I've gotten to the point where I try to limit that as much as possible. Plus, I work with ad people a lot, and you would think fellow "creatives" would understand something about the process .. but I'm amazed how often they don't get the boards I do .. or maybe it's just me :)

  2. Ok so I ran into an issue the other day and looking for help or your suggestions. What are your processes to proofreading your work in all aspects, typos and everything else. Is it just me but after working on a project for weeks my eyes seem to be so used to the content there that I missed a typo and had to re-dub my spot.


    Anyone else had these nightmares and what's some tips on proofing your work.


    If it's long copy read it backwards .. it forces you to look at each word individually which helps to catch simple typos.

  3. I think the goal these days is to get inside people's heads and stay there... become part of the culture, the music, the movies, the punchline to jokes... etc. You actually don't need individual "switchers" either.


    I agree with most of that statement and that's why I don't think this is an effective spot. People might not switch .. but they should at least think about it, shouldn't they?


    Look at Target's branding .. pitch perfect most of the time. Unless you lived in the Midwest, you might not realize that not long ago Target was just another crappy brand .. maybe a step above Walmart. Dayton-Hudson was the main flagship. Target redoes their branding .. takes off, and Dayton-Hudson is no more .. it's the Target Corporation. It's now "cool" to shop at Target. You see a Target spot and almost instantly you know it's for Target.


    Visually, I think these are outstanding.


    But it doesn't have that Nike/Target branding to it. If they were really that effective, I would think it would make you interested in trying that coffee. It should create some kind of lust/attitude/want/cool factor .. isn't that also what advertising is about? This coffee doesn't seem the least bit interesting to me. Why should I want to drink it?


    But yes, I agree, it's a nice looking piece.

  4. I was one of the lucky ones who got to beta-test this .. and all I can say is this is a really great resource. Can't beat it for the money. I've worked in AE for a long time but rarely use expressions .. so this was a good primer. I've already taken some of what I learned and used it in a recent project .. so I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to learn more about expressions.


    And no, Harry didn't bribe me to write this ;)

  5. I think what RustyAce is trying to say is place a second camera in the scene, have it be in mirror, the facing the models, render the animation from the second camera, place that prerender in the space for the mirror, if your main camera is moving then you will have to invert the main cameras movement and put it on the second camera, copy the frames over and make the pluses minuses, and the minuses pluses. :lol:

  6. I was a member of BDA a couple of years ago .. and I might be going to this years conference. I wish it was more like it sounded like it used to be .. more geared towards designers. It seems a lot more management oriented now.


    I really wish there was an organization that catered exclusively to motion designers. The AE West conference a few years ago sounded really good .. but there just isn't that much like that anymore.


    I would totally join an organization that was specific to motion design. Maybe the BDA will get back to that one of these years :blink:


    As for what it would take to get involved .. it would be cool to see sessions/conferences that were more hands-on .. or behind the scenes oriented .. taking you through the whole process .. tips and tricks.


    The old "here's our work, let's talk about it" doesn't really work anymore since it's rare that you haven't already seen it on the web.

  7. Is it possible to rotate the individual type letters in the y axis and have them ripple on via an expression?


    It doesn't seem possible with the type animators since the rotate only works one way.


    Basically, I want each letter to start at -90 degrees and rotate to 0 .. with a short pause (1, maybe 2 frames) between each letter so each letter reveals one at a time.


    I know I can do this the brute force way .. one letter per layer, but I'd prefer to keep the type on one layer so it's easier to modify.


    Any help is appreciated.



  8. Reading all this is good for me. I have mixed emotions about nixing the comments, too. But they've been bugging me for a while. They very, very rarely add quality to the site; more frequently they detracted from the overall mission of Motionographer.


    I dunno. Maybe I'm being too self-important about Motionographer. It's still growing, still figuring out who/what it is. Maybe this is just a phase. Maybe not.


    At any rate, I appreciate this thoughtful discussion. Thanks, guys.


    I loved it every time a Simon Robson would comment and add something truly relevant .. but it seemed much more likely you'd get either fanboys or haters replying and adding nothing whatsoever.

  9. it's the paradox of skill I suppose. When someone new to the game creates a piece that is so abstractly related to the problem, we criticize them. We say things like design isn't about visual eye-candy, it's about solving a communications problem. However when experienced and skilled designers do the same thing we applaud it for being next level and groundbreaking.


    Well said.

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