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  1. Last year I brought my laptop to Bali and was able to work from my beach hut. Having said that, yes, it basically comes down to client trust. While in Bali i had to sen over renders with fed ex (too large to send online) and that got 'em a bit nervous, but it worked!


    But then what's the point of getting away or being on vacation if you're still working?

  2. Keep trying, Clint. ;) Imago/Headbox went straight from mograph to a membership at Stormfront, such was his commitment to doing good from the right. That's all. This thread has comedy potential still and I don't want to screw it up further than I already have with...uh...my sig.


    [Edit: Gah, that sig was too long. Shortened it.]


    Wow, that site is pretty hardcore.

  3. I have a project coming up, for a Fishing Show! Titles, Stings, Baselines, etc etc.....

    I have some ideas, but was curious about seeing what else was out there and if anyone could point

    me towards some sporty/outdoorsy type motion graphics stuff that is around? I have hunted youtube, this

    forum and the web, but everything is a little too "trendy" if you get my meaning..... I am keen to

    just run with the ideas I have, but a little inpiration would help me build on them.


    Cheers! (you'll have to get used to me saying Cheers, its a kiwi/english thing)


    Why do you want to do what everyone else has done? Can't you find enough inspiration in nature?

    If you've got your own ideas like you say .. trust yourself and run with them.

  4. Max2AE.


    Just saw this over on General Specialist.


    Looks like a good way for Max users to go back and forth in AE .. the only bummer is it's $230.


    Don't know how good it is since I use C4D .. but it sounds pretty cool .. can start in AE and transfer the

    camera's to Max .. and vice-versa.


    Sorry if this has been posted before but I didn't find it in the search.

  5. Care to share the .c4d file? I tend to learn better when tearing off the source file.


    I've included mine which have a few issues. Could someone tell what i did wrong?




    Thanks in advance


    Your cylinder height segment was only 8 .. try setting it to at least 360 .. that'll smooth out some of it.

  6. I cannot figure this out for the life of me .. seems easy but I can't get it to work.


    I took some audio .. translated the audio into keyframes.

    Now I want my layer to either be 100% opacity or 0 .. based on the Slider control number.

    In other words if it's greater than 7 .. opacity is 100, if it's less than 7 .. opacity is 0.


    This is what I've tried: it just stays stuck on 100 :(


    thisComp.layer("Audio Amplitude").effect("Both Channels")("Slider")

    if ("Both Channels"<7 || "Both Channels">0) 100 else 0


    Sorry if this is really obvious.


    I've gone to AE Enhancers and MotionScript but can't find anything there either.

  7. A few questions...


    What type of projection is being used by your texture tag?

    And what's rotating? The camera? The light? The Cloner? All?


    I'm not sure what you mean when you say the material doesn't follow. If a texture is being projected from a light it shouldn't move unless the projector (light) is moved.


    What's the effect your trying to create exactly?




    The texture being projected by the light onto the cubes is locked down as are the cubes. The camera is the only thing rotating/moving .. I think I've figured out what I'm doing wrong .. kind of forgot how light interacts with objects.

  8. This may be simple but it's driving me nuts ..


    I've applied a QT movie onto a light and am projecting it onto a mograph cloner object.

    Looks fine except when I move the camera .. the material doesn't follow it .. it's not rotating properly.




    I can't find anything in the manual or here ..


    I'm in 9.6 .. I'm also using the tcast studios free steadyglide set-up as well.


    I've tried a target light and that didn't do the trick either ..

  9. some of your boards look really awesome .. not as impressed with your reel.

    you've got a pretty good eye for design .. but most of the animations are just okay .. technically fine .. but they're missing that little extra that separates the best from the rest. Don't get me wrong .. there's nothing wrong with your reel .. it's just lacking that special something that some of your boards have.

  10. There was a tshirt design contest here at the Hallmark Channel, where I work. My avatar is taken from the winning design. I was fairly devastated by the whole thing. But ultimately, I got over it (if a designer can ever get over losing a design contest to someone in ad sales), and I mock the winning design by using part of it as my avatar.


    I am thinking it's time to move on with my life.


    huh .. and I always thought that was your design.

  11. 2003 keeps popping up and I think a lot of that is because that's when the internet and mograph was really coming on. It seemed like there was something new or fresh posted almost every day. And a place like this where you could find all these great links in one place was a godsend.


    Before you'd find the occasional reel online .. but not a ton of people had a web presence. All of a sudden everyone was posting all this cool shit and it just seemed like the birth of something new.


    Now, it's old hat to those of us who have been around for awhile. Kind of like when you first start a new relationship. Mind-blowing and fresh at first .. greatest thing ever. After a few years it's more routine. The love hasn't disappeared .. it's just on a completely different comfortable level.

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