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  1. Is it just me or does it seem like mograph.net is losing a lot of steam? Posting is down and the good topics seem few and far between. Anyone else feel that way? Anything to make it more relevant again? Or are sites like Motionographer and Feed where it's at these days? Curious what other peeps think about this.
  2. jasfish

    Bit torrent

    Transmission or Azureus work well.
  3. Nice job, Rick! Like how you took real buildings and bridges from Milwaukee and incorporated them into your piece. Agree about the texturing .. it's only so-so. The logo resolve could use some work as well .. but pretty impressive for a first piece in C4D.
  4. How did they get all these people to go along with it? The Spielberg section is priceless.
  5. I suspect this varies a lot. In my opinion it depends on who the sketch is for. If it's just for you the level of detail can be as little or as much as you want it to be. If I'm sketching out idea's that won't be shown to anyone else, they're usually very rough .. just enough to visualize my idea. I have a good idea what I want to execute and I don't worry about the little details .. just blocking out the main parts. Now, if you know someone else is going to see the sketch .. it probably needs to be more polished and include some of those details you would skip otherwise. What seems obvious to you might be incomprehensible to someone else looking at it. And as I've learned the hard way .. it doesn't seem to matter if you're showing the sketch to a corporate client or an art director .. they won't be able to visualize it as clearly as you expect. I always thought I could get by with less detailed sketches when showing it to fellow creatives .. but always ended up being disappointed at not being able to see what I thought was obvious. A good rule of thumb .. don't show something to someone else unless you feel it's pretty strong. The last thing you want is to get rejected in the rough stage because someone "doesn't get it." Another thing that can trip you up .. it helps to know if someone is expecting a true sketch or if they really want to see fleshed-out style frames. Nothing worse than showing a sketch and someone asking if that's what it's really going to look like.
  6. Alright .. $45,000 doesn't sound terrible for a junior designer .. especially in LA. How else do you afford housing and other stuff? Anyway, what do senior level designers/art directors/creative directors make in LA? Do the top shops pay well, or is it a prestige thing and they can pay less since you want to work there? Just curious. I know there's a range .. but I'd like to know what the starting points are.
  7. reminds me of that stuff Motion Theory did for Nike a few years ago. Nice find.
  8. So true .. everyone is using the same tools .. same techniques .. there's bound to be some overlap. And if someone insists they've never seen a piece .. I think you have to accept that. It's a pretty slick piece .. nice job Crabbey. The flow is really good.
  9. jasfish

    Nice Bag?

    Yeah, those are sweet .. but that's a lot to drop on a bag
  10. been using 10.4.8 since it came out without any issues in AE.
  11. jasfish


    I wasn't sure what to expect .. but it wasn't bad. Some of the angles didn't work .. your perspective is a little clunky .. thinking specifically of the shot where he grabs the flare gun and is writing on the island. Overall I think the style and animation is okay .. but the biggest thing lacking is story. There's not much there. I think that's even more important than the look. Check out South Park .. that look is nothing special .. but it works because they write good stories. I would really concentrate most on that aspect .. find a writer to collaborate with if that's not your thing. After you get a strong story .. and it doesn't have to be long to work .. then work on polishing the look and the animation. Don't know if you have a film or editing background .. but think of different shots to cut to. It shows potential .. but unless you beef up the story it's never going to be as good as it could be. People will forgive the way something looks if the story is great but usually not vice versa. Anyway, keep rolling .. I'd love to see this with a lot more work invested in it.
  12. True, but writing b.s. like that is an art-form in itself.
  14. jasfish

    i ask help

    select your keyframes and then control click to add the lobo-motion effect .. it works wonders
  15. if you have to wear khaki's .. at least skip the pleats
  16. That's pretty good .. I wish our audio guys computer was 10.4 .. he would absolutely freak .. doesn't know anything about mac's.
  17. jasfish


    haha .. well, you know how it goes. I always keep my drink off the table to the side .. it's been spilled twice, both by producers coming in and just piling their papers up next to it. Never on the computer though.
  18. Good tutorial here: http://forums.creativecow.net/cgi-bin/new_...p;postid=855154
  19. Nice job. The only nitpicky thing I'd add would be to animate the hot-air balloons separately instead of as a group .. so they don't all move in unison. It looks a little odd now .. the big ones moving the at the same speed as the small ones.
  20. http://www.spellcheck.net/
  21. Agreed. I think of this as a professional, albeit irreverent forum .. and would prefer this be posted elsewhere. That being said .. I understand eventually you need to post what you consider pretty good and get some comments and critiques .. but maybe now isn't the right time yet.
  22. Thanks a lot Justin .. another great interview. The extras they provided are an exceptional look behind the scenes.
  23. That is sooo Katamari .. very well done!
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