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  1. I don't agree. It's not the clients fault you have a full-time job and have to work on it at night. It's freelance .. it's on the side .. it's remote .. why should they pay more for that? It's your choice to work the extra hours .. I think it should just be your standard rate. If you don't want to give up your free time .. don't take the extra work. But I don't see any reason it should be charged higher than normal. My 2-cents.


    If you didn't have a full-time job I'd agree with the others .. or if you were full-time freelance. But not in this case.

  2. He specifically keeps the clamps on it because it is Tobacco. And when clients come into the house we have to hide any cigarette work. I think it's more his personal vendetta against tobacco. Not that every single piece is amazing (most of it isn't) but there's a couple of projects I'm proud of.


    Chances are I wouldn't show logos, but branding colors might be recognizable. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be shunned. I'll make sure they don't have a problem with me showing it.


    I hate this kind of b.s. .. "I hate tobacco and won't show this work to anyone .. but I'll take as much money from them as I can."


    If you're going to take the money .. you can't be afraid to show the work. Besides, just because he won't show it on a company reel .. doesn't mean you can't show it on a personal reel.

  3. Islamic leaders have been condemning the acts of Bin Laden and other terrorist acting in the name of Islam for years.


    haha, that's funny. While some Islams may have condemned Bin Laden and terrorist activity in general .. the vast majority of Islamic "leaders" have been remarkably quiet.


    NY Times editorial writer Thomas Friedman speaks out about that quite frequently .. and the need for the Islamic leaders to take more of a leadership role in terms of speaking out against the jihadic radicals.

  4. 9-6 unless it's deadline time. Then whatever it takes to get it done.


    ditto on that .. plus a little freelance at night when I get the opportunity.


    curious what the differences are between people who work at a post-house as opposed to a design shop .. or a network.


    I'm at a post-house btw.

  5. hmmm ... interesting timing. I'm debating the same thing myself right now, except I have 3 kids with the oldest 7 :)


    Affordable housing .. reasonable hours .. those are the same things I'm curious about as well.

    Plus a staff job holds much more appeal than freelance as well, especially with my wife going back to school now for a nursing degree.


    The Midwest is definitely a comfortable place to live .. Milwaukee's very affordable .. my commute is 25-35 minutes .. and her family is close by. I've always enjoyed visiting southern California .. but I know living somewhere isn't the same as visiting it.


    Tough decisions.


    I certainly can't afford a $650,000 home :blink:

  6. I used to wonder what made a reel stand out in that environment. For me it was contrast, and that may have to do with what reels it sits next to, which you can't control. You want to experiment for yourself? Go to a bookstore and look at the spines of the new releases and try to figure out what works there.


    great tip. I read a ton of books .. and go by reviews, favorite authors .. etc .. but there's nothing like going down the shelves and seeing what jumps out at you. And it's definitely the "look" of a book that makes you pick it up.

  7. Up until the guy asks about HD, then he looks like a deer in the headlights and the answers turn into "I would think so".


    I like how the beginning of the demo is largely him turning the visibility of multi pass layers on and off.


    Like all "real time 3D" products that rely on OGL and the graphics card for the power, that thing's gonna puke on you once you exceed the poly count the board can handle. Motion suffers from a similar threshold - once you exceed what the card can do in real time, it becomes slower than AE 2.0.


    This thing costs 2K and requires a Quadro fx4500, which costs $2100 if you want to do HD - $4100 = Genius.


    I feel bad for whoever buys this stuff.


    maybe that's what you deserve though if you buy it.

  8. I think what dj orange was trying to say was...


    "hrm.... I'm a dick, and I haven't taken a cheap shot at someone asking for help yet today to make myself feel better for having the manners of a spastic chimp. I know....let's see who's online!"


    do what you do and do it alot. if you want to learn how to make you stuff look more professional there's an almost limitless ammount of resources on the web. but the best thing you can do is to keep looking at other peoples work and try to figure out how they do what they do. then apply their techniques to your own stuff. It's easy.... it just takes time and effort.


    happy hunting


    agreed .. I thought the original question was asked in a thoughtful way and not just another in the stream of "how do I pull off this effect/rip" that we get way too often.

  9. I love the p.s. :


    "P.S. Mantari, you were contacted by the CDC and asked for a portfolio. You sent it and we were not impressed. You were declined membership, so you post our site as the "worst". We are more classy than you. Even still we will make you a free van bumper. "



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