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  1. So lately I've been trying to learn some basic front end web dev. In doing so I stumbled across some really amazing public resources for quickly finding tools and reference for specific parts of the job and thought that this was an awesome practice. As a result I quickly threw together this list: http://bitbucket.org/foughtthelaw/_creative-resources It is by no means complete and I intend on updating it frequently. It is, and shall always be, public facing and accessible, so if you want to contribute to it, clone it and make it yours, copy the idea and make your own private list. Go for it. I'd love for this to turn into something useful for the community.
  2. Keeping the tradition of the post conference brain dump alive. Here's a long winded recap of what went down this year. https://medium.com/@FoughtTheLaw/ae-world-2015-recap-b24a9d05cb66#.j4qrn95xh
  3. I saw that article for the first time while working at an ad agency. I was in a DEEEEEP depression. was considering going to school and becoming an electrician. This article is a big part of went freelance. I have friends who knew Lindsey who left advertising after reading that. I re-read it at least once a year. thanks for posting.
  4. Just found this thread today. I'm taking it as a reminder that I need to check back here more often and unplug from the noise of the slack a little. As Marc Z just posted, ianfreeze, I'm doing monthly personal projects and posting progress/thinking along the way in an attempt to do exactly what was spelled out in the first post. Project 1 Project 2 My stuff has tended to lean more towards my own experiences/ feelings / fears/ etc. around the process. for the most part I'm fumbling my way through it and trying to keep a record of where I screw up so I can go back to it and do better next time. I can't really add much that Carey didn't already contribute but I will say that I've run into experiences where I've noticed, after the fact, that my workflow and ability to learn how to make what I wanted grew to match the amount of time I spent thinking about what exactly I wanted to make. when I jumped into things I just did stuff I knew. when I had specific motives, references, ideas I was trying to pull from and I wanted a look that was beyond my existing skill set I had a much easier time looking for assets and learning materials I needed to make it happen. I'm pretty chatty in the art-of-the-pitch thread but I'll be checking back here on this for sure. Stuff like this thread is worth it's weight in gold to me these days.
  5. this is exactly what I do. x1.5 after 8 and x2 after 12. if someone asks for a day rate I do my rate times 8. if I only work 6 hours I only bill for 6 but most of the time if you're there 6 hours people feel like they need to keep you for a full day so you end up making the 8 anyway.
  6. I tell people I see in person who aren't on it that it's like this board was like in 2008.
  7. what happens when you slide the control layer around in time?
  8. the gotcha is that it has to remain perfectly still for, lets say, 5 seconds. and THEN fade in, not fade in over 5 seconds.
  9. I'm in the exact same boat. Cargo is STUPID easy to use/customize. Behance just seems like the bastard lovechild of deviantArt and Linkedin. does anyone actully get work through it or is it as big a strokefest as it looks?
  10. dumb question but why do you need a resume? I put one together before going freelance and in 2 and a half years have never needed it.
  11. I'll let todd speak for the inner workings of priorities in development and the AE team. but I know for a fact the first thing he's going to say is to always fill out a feature request no matter what. I've seen Todd make the case for filling out feature and bug reports at AE World in Seattle twice now. I thoroughly expect the case to be plead a third time in September. I know that form can be obnoxious. helps to just keep it in the book mark bar and every time something like this comes to mind just take the 5 minutes and fill it out.
  12. hot damn. I'm just going to have to try that. I already figured out how to do it w/ x particles, but it'd be nice to not need to rely on that.
  13. I'm trying to figure out a way to delay the start of the "fade-in" for the turbulence physics property in Particular. I've got a light drawing a line and after a while I want that line to wiggle/fade out but I want it to be stationary long enough to be read. I'm suspicion it can't be done but figured I'd ask the group before giving up on it. any ideas?
  14. not sure how much it buys you but: "The Substance Database 2.0 license is a studio-license, meaning you can have 1 for your whole studio." the more people you intend on thorwing it at the sweeter that deal seems
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