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  1. Anyone have recommendations for a project mgmt system / catered towards a business that works remotely? Currently using basecamp for project mgmt, Outlook for emails/calendars, as well as a cloud file server ... However, the workflow isn't seamless.. I'm thinking about trying the Google business account, to merge the workflow, but it still doesnt make things seamless.. Any suggestions, or experience with this is appreciated.!
  2. Stablished Projects New Site + New Reel :: http://www.stablishedprojects.com Blog: http://www.stablabs.com Vimeo Link:
  3. gorilla, great tuts btw! The guys fluid test was really nice. But the setup that was described on your blog was a lil tough to execute. I Still dont have it. I Guess i should keep poking at Real flow till cinema resolves fluid dynamics. thanks for responding.
  4. Whatsup Yall. I've been playing around with Mograph 2 in C4d 11.5, & was wondering if anyone has been successful at simulating fluids with using metaballs & modynamics? Ive tried numerous setups, and things just aint workin out. Anybody got some insight into this? I've seen a successful attempt here :
  5. Sup everyone.. It's always nice to come back to the forums and represent. Here's my latest passion project. Did it off the clock, over the span of 4 months, from concept, design, 3d, animation, to finished project. Enjoy. Music Machine :: Youtube http://www.stablabs.com Music Machine :: Quicktime http://www.stablished.tv/quicktime/music_machine.mov
  6. I've managed to combine two segments together using the 'join segment' tool. What i would like to do is use this joined spline in Spline Wrap. However, I need to set the beginning and end points, so that the spline wrap doesn't start at 2 start points, which is what it's doing right now. Which tool would I use to set 1 start point and 1 end point? If you have any insight, thank you! I've been playing with edit spline options, but could be missing the order of operation. *** UPDATE*** - my mistake, i had an issue with 2 points being directly on top of eachother, and i forgot to deselect "only select visible elements", thus not properly joining my 2 segments in the first place.
  7. I've posted this issue before, and it still baffles me. When I select the Bezier Spline tool, to create a curved spline, it will act like linear spline tool. On top of that, i get small spheres at the end of my (xyz) axis points, and so when i drag to create my curve, nothing happens, and i can only plot points in a linear fashion. I've looked through the View Settings, but no luck undoing this problem.. Anybody run into this, and know how to fix? Thanks in advance ***EDIT: OK, soo, found my old post. All u gotta do is restart the computer, and open an older file that you know the bezier spline tool worked.
  8. "Its they Yay baby, and i thought chu knew...." SF is fresh to live in.. as far as work.. i recently got a full time gig out here, and though it doesn't lend itself to being reel worthy, I've gained a gang of experience. The people are friendly, there's lots of stuff to see, and there's a ton of good places to eat. I see it in some co-workers here... they go to work, get their ish done, and its a wrap. I haven't come across many mograph heads that do stuff after hours.. Everyone just drinks after work.. thats cool n all.. but in order to get that nasty reel.. i have to put in extra.. good luck!
  9. So I restarted the whole computer.. opened up a file that i knew used the bezier spline tool fine, tested the tool again.. and it's working properly now. in View Settings, Rotation Bands is checked on. I'm assuming i should keep it there. Thanks for all the help ! _ra
  10. this doesnt seem to work either/.. what i do notice tho, when im in the View Settings, and after Rotation Bands is toggled on, the check box toggles itself off, when i plot the point and back on, after i release? maybe its supposed to do that. But in my case, shouldnt Rotation Bands be toggled Off? Or.. maybe theres an option to toggle the actual handles of a Bezier Spline?
  11. M- Toggling the Rotation Band option doesn't seem to do it either.. im baffled. it was working fine the other day. Do you know of a revert to default settings option?
  12. Thanks for the time and help Albert.. but even that isn't helping... i tried lookin for a revert to default settings.. but couldnt find it in the preferences. know if there's a default option like that? i keep getting linear points, along with circles at the end of my axis when i plot the points.. ARGH! thanks again..
  13. thats the thing.. normally, i would see that option.. but now i dont... what i do see is this and also.. when i click for a point, i get balls at the end of my axis' instead of arrows.. does that sound familiar at all? I've never seen them before.
  14. Where would i find "intermediate points"
  15. Thanks in advance if you know how to fix this.. I'm trying to draw with the bezier spline tool, but its only giving me the results of a liner spline tool. I think I have disabled this option of dragging the spline and creating a curve somehow, but don't know how to re-enable. Can anyone shed some light on this? I want my Bezier Spline tool to act like its supposed to! Thanks!
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