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    Kanye West

    Wow Kanye, thanks for saying such nice things about me! It's true, I DID father most of this board.
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    Sorry, I forgot to come back to this thread until now. I went as far as getting a subject from them, then I didn't really do anything with it. I checked back on their FTP over 4 months later just because I was curious, and they were still getting free submissions for the same subject, at that time there were like 10 from different people for the same subject. SO, unless you want to be one of many people obviously being jerked around for free work, I wouldn't bother with this company at all.
  3. EDIT: I consider the dog-jumping thing to be along the lines of someone getting a football to the nuts, but I guess if you aren't already in the know that the vehicle isn't moving very fast and the dog is fine, that the avatar just makes me look like a heartless dog-hating bastard (which I'm not). SOOOOO....here's the first thing I found instead.
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    forum addiction

    :lol: :lol: GREATEST.SPAM.EVER.
  5. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: "Dog Jumping From Moving Vehicle".
  6. I've been fulltime freelancing from the great white north for almost a year now. Aboot About 95% of my clients are remote, so I work from home most of the time. Once in a while an opportunity to travel comes up. I was flown out to Montreal & NYC around Christmas time last year which was pretty cool, and I've had offers to go to L.A. and Italy since, but I couldn't commit to either of those since I was already booked. The good thing about freelancing remotely is that you can just grab your laptop and work from anywhere. Clients won't really care if you head down to Mexico for a week, as long as you have an internet connection and meet your deadlines, so feel free to travel on your own.
  7. If this was real I would totally buy it. That is the ultimate drunken party game.
  8. Looks like I'll finally have to learn how to make flying flocks of birds on my own.
  9. I'm not in front of C4D, so I may be wrong, but I think what you're looking for is the Compositing Tag. Add it to your object, and select Exclude from Reflection or Seen By Reflection (not sure which). That should work.
  10. biggieboy


    I forgot to mention, one of the signs that this MAY actually be a company with really deep pockets: They own www.ovo.com. I know a little bit about domain prices etc. and a three letter domain (especially one with vowel-consonant-vowel) would cost a TON of money. I've looked them up on WhoIs, and it looks like ovo.com was originally scooped up in 1996, and then sold to them in 2007 (at least that's how I interpret the whois directory, if someone more knowledgeable in these things wants to chime in I'd appreciate it. I really doubt they've actually owned it since 1996 and only paid reg. fee to get it.) So, if they had the $$$ to buy a domain like that, they have the $$$ to pay for these videos. edit: Here's the Whois info:
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    Just to follow up, I spoke with them on the phone, and: 1) They'll allow you to send watermarked low-res previews for the unpaid 30" preview. 2) They have multiple freelancers working on the same preview subject SO you're competing with others for the opportunity to get paid. 3) To their credit, in my case, I asked them specifically for something that no one else was working on, and they sent me a new subject. That doesn't mean there won't eventually be more people competing with you later though. 4) They're willing to pay more than what they quote in their initial email if you can do 3D work. The initial email says they'll pay 1500 - 2500 Euros per clip (2500 Euros = around $3900 US/CAN) so if you can add some 3D to it, you're looking at over $4000 per clip. 5) They sent me a sample production schedule, the first video in each category has to be completed in 2 weeks, the remaining get 1 - 1.5 weeks. At 3-5 clips per category, that means they pay about $6000/category for low end stuff, and ($4000 x 5) $20,000/category for high end stuff. The fact that they'd be willing to pay $20,000+ for about 6 weeks of work is more than suspect to me, and I really have a hard time believing it, so proceed at your own risk. My brain tells me there's a catch, but after conversing with them quite a bit over the past month, I can't honestly figure out what their scam could be. They DO have an on-site team of artists, so they may be trying to steal ideas from the 30" previews as others have suspected earlier in this thread. Also keep in mind that earlier in this thread, someone mentioned knowing someone who has been paid by them, so this could go either way. The difficult part is obviously getting past the free 30" preview into actual paid work. From our conversations, I've picked up that they have a lot of companies, not just single freelancers, competing for the 30" previews, so sometimes you'll be up against entire teams of people. Let it be known that I never actually did do the 30" preview for them. I was planning on doing it just to see what would happen, but I've been busy with paid work all month and obviously paid work takes precedence. I may still do it, but not for at least another month as I'm booked up.
  12. I was in the same boat a few years ago: 20 years old, spending ALL my time creating/studying motion graphics, and guess what: I was burned out at 21 - which is ridiculous in any line of work. I wound up taking LOTS of time off and in the end re-discovered my love for all things motion, and gained appreciation for other (more) important things in my life. I know others have already said this, but the key with motion graphics, as with everything in life is to do it in moderation. Don't work so hard that you grow tired of the very thing you're working toward. edit: and yes, you owe your girlfriend a few nights out on the town.
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    edit: nevermind. I thought I was seeing keying errors when I saw it on TV, but I checked the online version and didn't see them. No more beer for me.
  14. Marlon effing Wayans? Not a chance in hell I'll see this movie.
  15. Let it be known that this movie rocks my balls.
  16. biggieboy

    GTA IV

    Nope, the whole map is available to you during MP. Just hit Up on the Dpad to access the cell phone and Multiplayer will be listed below the Phone Numbers etc. Seriously, for those that haven't tried Cops & Crooks, get in there NOW, it is easily the most fun I've ever had on Xbox Live. Explanation of Cops & Crooks for the fools still playing Deathmatch: There is one team of Crooks and one team of Cops. The Crook Team's objective is to get their Boss to an extraction point that randomly generates on the map (a rooftop helipad, a speedboat etc.). The Cop Team's objective is to kill the Boss (all the other Crooks respawn, but if the Boss dies the Cops win). The Crooks can only see the extraction point on their radar, they don't know where the Cops are. The Cops can only see where the Crooks are, not where the extraction point is. The craziest moment I had yet was when I was a Cop. The Crook team took off on a boat and were going to circle the entire island to get to their extraction point. I high-tailed it to the Airport, stole a helicopter and caught up with them. A few of them fell out of the boat while they were shooting at me, so I swung the helicopter blades down close to the water and sliced them up. Only the boss was left, he bailed from the boat and ran up some stairs to a rooftop helipad where his escape helicopter was waiting for him. He started flying away. I couldn't shoot at him and drive my helicopter at the same time, so I flew over top of him and brought my helicopter down so my landing rails jammed his blades. He spun out of control, crashed and died. Aaaand now I'm understandably obsessed with this game haha. /nerdgasm
  17. biggieboy

    GTA IV

    AGH! Multiplayer "Cops & Crooks" is sooooo much fun. I can not get any work done.
  18. biggieboy

    GTA IV

    I pre-ordered at Blockbuster, pretty painless. Walked in at 11:55, got my game, walked out. No more of a line last night than on your average Monday night. PLUS with Blockbuster's ridiculous "Trade any 4 games for a pre-order" deal, I traded in only about $25 worth of games (including the terrible Fantastic Four: ROTSS that came free with Halo) and got GTA IV for super cheap. I really don't know how Blockbuster can afford to make that deal, you can just go to the used bargain bin at EB and grab 4 copies of GRAW or PGR3 for $30 and immediately trade them in at Blockbuster for a brand new game.
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    GTA IV

    If I remember correctly you could play MP3s from your original Xbox HD into the San Andreas car stereos. On 360 you can play your own music (even stream from your PC) during any game, so yeah without even checking I'd say this game will work with your system's mp3 collection.
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    GTA IV

    For those of you that don't have me on your 360 friends list yet, my GT is Biggieboy58. I'll be playing this at 12:05 sharp tonight
  21. they'd be better off selling it as a WinAmp Visualization.
  22. biggieboy


    I understand people being hesitant to speak with them, but we probably shouldn't label them as scam artists on this board until we get more info. They may very well be scamming, but until we know for sure it's not really fair. Just my 2c.
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