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    my new reel

    HAH! i was thinking of using this EXACT same song for my reel! looks good, nice edit.
  2. yo me and my workmates are redesigning our workspace. we were wondering if you guys had any ideas/links that could help us out. We have a large room with three tables, thats it... lots of room for other stuff. Thanks in advance!
  3. sup geekazoids. is there a programme for macs or p.c's which records you mouse movments and makes it into a little movie? thanks in advance! oh! also... does anyone know how that gnarls barkley video was made? do you reckon they used a water tank?
  4. Yeah it looks great, but damn, thats some cheesy v.o. Imo comes close to ruining the spot. i'm grumpy today
  5. yeah i agree with sao. theres some really nice stuff that looks kinda similar in one of the psst pass it on animations. it's the brian gosset (and freinds) piece at the end. http://www.psstpassiton.com/psst2_06_USZ_movie.html
  6. Does this mean you studied motion graphics at high school?
  7. i remeber looking at a website of vintage anatomical illustrations, skulls, and bones in a praying position. all high res and perfect. i cant for the life of me remember where i saw this maybe here, maybe somewhere else. i've searched around here and cant find it. PLEASE HELP! aaarrrgghhh.
  8. thanks for all your help guys!
  9. yo could you guys help me out? i'm trying to find some 90's design techniques for a project. i'm talking about the paint splatter/deer head/sheild/pink of the 90's. thanks in advance!
  10. no.4


    dude, freakin' sick work! you're boards are dope. the only possible thing i that wasnt amazing was that the 'back' button was a little hidden. but seriously...
  11. I WISH I KNEW! ive heard it was for a nintendo ad? ive done a bit of searching, well actually alot and cant find out who it is or where its from, i cant even remember where i got it from originally
  12. so ahhh... people forget my avatar... i mean COME ON.
  13. Sad to see so few mographers.
  14. Yo i haven't posted in a long time, basically because, yes, mograph.net kinda bores me now. it's sad because this was definatly one of my favourite forums, but i think after mograph got hax0rd to the max0r everyone lost intrest.
  15. can anyone explain to me how to do motion graphics? kthxbye!
  16. no.4

    grungy video

    cooommee on maaaaann use your iMaGiNaTiOn!
  17. some of his work is quite amazing... however... i really dont think painting a real live elephant and sticking it in a warehouse is a good idea. elephants by nature have the tendency to go bezerk at random times... lets just hope it's when paris or brad or lindsay or anjelina happen to be gawking at it.
  18. theres no way that that thing is serious.
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