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  2. do you mean pass management in Sketch and Toon? If so, go to the Sketch and Toon post effect in render settings and on the "render" tab click "post render" a new tab will appear in the S and T post effect called "multipass"
  3. I'd say at least 6, and up to 10 years and beyond. They are like Mars Rovers.
  4. there are my files - thanks! everything worked fine, DL speed of about 70KB (Minneapolis) at one point a client dropped off I think, but came back up
  5. thanks! rendering now - ftp upload of about 290KB (Minneapolis, MN) where are the results going? I'd assume back into the FTP, but I'm not seeing anything...
  6. I had a client call me up about a short video that will be distributed to various mobile platforms, and asked "who I worked with for mobile platform versioning" (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc). I see where this would be important, and was wondering if people had experience with this, or other resources, links, etc to know how to do this right. are people doing this? Mike
  7. I find C4D's spline tools far better and easier than Illustrator's, and regulary freak Illustrator people out by demonstrating how much faster, easier and more powerful the spline tools are in C4D I guess it's just about how you work and what you are used to
  8. why would they put that guy in front of a camera?
  9. I have not used the soloUpdate plugin (might do what you want) - instead I use "SoloButton" (free). It hasn't been updated for forever, but works fine with R13 http://www.forcedimension.jp/qdg/plugin.html couldn't live without it: solo object, solo hierachy, move object to 000 (then back), and a tag to make sets of things to solo
  10. I was thinking the same thing - they've got the new "only upgrade from the previous version" policy....so you go for subscription with CS6, and then when CS7 comes out and you've decided you don't like something about the subscription model, you can't upgrade to a license becuase you never bought CS6, so you're stuck with the subscription or starting all over buying your Adobe apps, even if you've been a loyal customer for 20 years hmmmm
  11. Just a follow-up - It is in fact true that only current version users will get upgrade pricing on CS6, but CS5 will count as a current version (you won't need to be all the way to CS5.5) This from an Adobe.com blog... "With regards to upgrades, we are changing our policy for perpetual license customers. In order to qualify for upgrade pricing when CS6 releases, customers will need to be on the latest version of our software (either CS5 or CS5.5 editions)" http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2011/11/adobe-creative-cloud-and-adobe-creative-suite-new-choices-for-customers.html?PID=2159997
  12. It seems that Adobe is planning on kicking longtime users in the teeth once CS6 is released - if you don't own CS5.5, you won't get any upgrade pricing options....nice From the MacMall page about the current 20% off sale (MacMall rep said this was Adobe's policy, not theirs): "Protect your investment Whether you’re using CS2, CS3 or CS4, you can take advantage of upgrade pricing for CS5.5 right now to get the latest software capabilities and performance. But don’t wait too long. With future versions of Adobe Creative Suite software you’ll only receive upgrade pricing if you’re on the latest version." (http://www.macmall.com/n/Adobe-CS5-5-Promo/macCustomPages-4306) Does anyone have any further knowledge of this?
  13. anyone built/use a hackintosh? is it a realistic option for a Mac person, or does it require too much "backyard PC mechanic" work to be feasible?
  14. i'd say contact Maxon, they usually know if there are conflicts that cause C4D issues
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