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  1. Hello, I have updated my reel to a more standard edit. Always interested to hear peoples thoughts! Thanks, Al https://vimeo.com/26231258
  2. Wow Mograph has been all polished since ive been gone. After working away on it after work and in between other projects for the past 3 or 4 months I have just completed a Music video for a good friend, New Zealand singer song writer Timothy Blackman. It was a big step into filming and directing people, learning a lot along the way so Im happy with it in that regard. Filmed In Lofoten Island over 6 days and In Olso, Norway over several months. Check it out if you are into driving music and deep thoughts, or hovering radios. @@AlistairCheyne
  3. Good points.I appreciate the advice very much.Its a funny thing to look at your work and not really be that happy with it in terms of it bearing anything unique, and so Im in the process of changing that.Feel like this kid -
  4. Woah awesome feedback Binky.I guess this was a revolt against seeing the same stuff and trying to push what can be conveyed in a reel.If i claimed it as not a reel of the commercial sense and more an introduction to my thinking and interests, but as you say why would people care? I need to work on a more focused approach, and seeing how that can link in with what it offers to the audience. I also haven't thought much of, who is my audience? So thanks a bunch for the feedback
  5. I appreciate what your saying, I'd like to think the woman in this field are just better at getting more of a feminine touch than a guy trying to be feminine, I was working on branding for an all female tv channel, so thought it would be interesting to see some female stuff.
  6. Hey guys, Been a long time but I have updated my showreel. A collection of moments and work with emphasis on adding feeling and personality to it. Im open for critique, Thanks Al http://www.alistaircheyne.com/ - Vimeo link on first page
  7. Hey (without sounding sexist, sorry guys ) can anyone point me in the direction of some females in the motion industry ? So far I have http://kimdulaney.com/ and http://www.raquelfalkenbach.com/ I'm hoping they are girls, just going off there names ! There was also another Female that everyone had a crush on here, she did a lot of nice paper type, analog style design and was a babe. I just cant remember her name... Any help please??
  8. http://www2.tv-ark.org.uk/music/index.html eat em up
  9. Hey just tried a google search and found this topic, I found that if you open After Effects application and then open up your project from within the app. (Instead of double clicking the project file in finder) It opens fine. Strange but it worked for me.
  10. http://kimdulaney.com/ http://www.electricheat.org/ http://briangossett.com/ http://www.mattciaglia.com/ http://www.bemo.tv/conceptBoards.html thought I had more.. but to get the ball rolling.
  11. Yo This guys tut looks pretty good. Search on "anaglyphic" comes up with a few things. here I had a play a while ago with this there is an after effects plugin called 3D glasses. So You can just do it all in after effects.
  12. Hey I am just working away at my website and was wondering if you guys could have a look and let me know if there are any problems. Im just learning webtalk and the site is mainly built with indexhibit. I have tested it on internet explorer and browsershots.org. And its mostly fine. ANY Feedback would be really cool. Thanks Al My Website
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