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  1. Sweet baby jeebus that's fantastic!!
  2. Wonder if that would mean they reopen their Wellington branch
  3. Bugger They shut down their Wellington office a couple years ago and now gone completely. edit: yeah I guess that makes sense Jeebus that sucks. You'd think they would've been able to stand by themselves though
  4. This will be my first time in Oz let alone Semi Permanent. We should all meet up for a beer
  5. Bump! So is anyone else going?
  6. Good luck with that one! On a slightly different note. Anyone going to Semi Permanent in Sydney?
  7. It does seem that everyone knows everyone in this town... We should all go to the Matterhorn sometime for a beer
  8. You're recording at 25f, which in Canon's world, means 50i. 50fps Interlaced. In AE you should have field interpretation on. Probably upper field first for HDV. Otherwise it's trying to show you a progressive signal when you have an interlaced signal and hence giving you blockiness. With the field interpretation set to OFF, it's giving you both fields at once
  9. Might be sent for work! Won't know for a couple of weeks though.
  10. That book is fantastic. You'll learn more than you ever in thought about with compositing. Another one, very very similar in nature but a bit more science, is this one Digital Compositing for Film and Television
  11. That's hardly constructive, is it? The color is what got to me as well. I get lost in a sea of yellow... As Alim said, some splashes of color would be really nice. Something to refresh the eye before you make the next statement, kind of thing. Think of it like the lemon sherbert they serve before a main course. The motion feels nice, can't complain there, although some variation in the illustrative elements might be nice. The bit near the beginning with the rockets rotating around the globe is good, I like those elements. It would have solidied things a bit more if there was more things similar throughout the rest of the piece.
  12. Completely agree. My original aim was to have a stupidly large background that could move in 3D as well, but it made everything incredibly slow and also was demanding several hours more render time. Just came down to economy in the end unfortunately. Next time for sure though
  13. The theme and time allowed didn't exactly lend itself to whiz-bang animation. I would have loved to do something faster and more exciting, but honestly I had to keep myself in check to make sure what I did do was feasible. Besides, it was nice for me to try something with a bit more story to it this time and I stand by it in that regard. Thank you for the comment about the illustration.
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