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  1. can you go into the cloner object and go to the effectors tab then drag the shader effector 2 to the very top so that it happens first not last? i tried it i got a different result then where it was originally. But, i'm not sure if it was what u were looking fr. Try it and let me know.
  2. Tim this is awesome, I've enjoyed ur classes at fxphd as well! Keep on Doing what it do.
  3. man the movie industry is booming in bc...
  4. I wan't that for xmas. this is seriously going to push quality of youtubers and aspiring compositors.
  5. theRoman


    yes! three cheers! i really enjoyed the editing for the piece. It was a reel that was watched a few times around the office. Glad to see the mograph.net guy's reppin' it.
  6. i sent cmi an e-mail asking if i can still get this on dvd and they said they can fit 5 chapters/videos onto one dvd. I asked a follow up question but they have yet to respond.
  7. woah,woah that guy really posted here? i totally missed that back in the day. did he come up with the buck trend in a glowy, colorful, photorealistic surreal look?
  8. sweet beans! i missed it when it played in vancouver.
  9. theRoman

    Rock Band

    I'M thinking biggie got it from ny? it's out in the states already that's for sure. when i get mine ur on biggie. gamertag: rom6ncredible
  10. i really enjoyed the clean simple feel of your work, and the shown breakdowns.
  11. burn energy , i would never drink this from the fear i might spontaneously combust whilst working
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