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  1. Howdy. I'm rendering some stuff from 3d and comping in AE. I tend to start comping before the 3d render is done. In older (CS5) versions of AE this was never a problem, but now that I've upgraded to CC I get this error all the time and it interrupts EVERYTHING including ram previews or test renders. It halts everything unless I click "ok". I KNOW that there are frames missing and I don't care. Can I make the error just go away or make AE stop checking the sequence? gracias.
  2. I've seen that problem myself but don't know how to fix it. I'm not sure how you are creating your depth buffer but the plugin seems sensitive to the "quality" of them. Usually if I leave my depth channel alone things work fine, but when I clamp values or otherwise mess with it things go south. Have you tried adjusting any min/max depth values in your 3d renderer? That might help.
  3. monovich


    Truly amazing plugin. If I buy it right away I won't get any work done, but I can't wait to have at it asap. Cheers on doing something new.
  4. Any word on the iPad version with touch interface? I kid I kid. Also +1 for everything Binky said.
  5. Well. Nevermind. I just used the smooth expression and it did the trick. I'll just leave this here for posterity.
  6. Yeah, I know that sounds wack. Basically what I'm doing is toggling some lights on and off with hold keyframes. Lights don't turn on and off in one frame though, especially incadescent ones. They sort of cool off and grow dim when switched off. Is there an expression to say "transition between hold keyframe states over five frames" or something like that? Gracias!
  7. http://vimeo.com/34194970 Cheerio!
  8. I'm with you Colin. Nothing wrong from profiting from one's own idea. It also has nothing to do with being a one trick pony. I'm sure they could have created another original piece, but I'd wager Sony wanted exactly what they saw on the first one. The only time I wouldn't do something like this is if the original were some deeply personal art project. The rest is up for sale because first and foremost I'm making a living.
  9. monovich


    looks really nice. a day rate freelancer probably wouldn't need anything that fine grained for time management, but a nice invoicing solution would be worth the $10. billingmanager.com just died, so I need to find something else. *snif*
  10. your power bill will get interesting when you power them up. Once a few years ago I had the farm screaming for a couple of months straight. The resulting electricity bill was pretty sobering. It all rolled into the cost of the project, but it drove home the point that rendering is indeed a cost!
  11. Wow I had no idea at all that Logan did it. Are there any background articles on it that anyone knows of?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUQ-dpb0CaY&feature=player_embedded
  13. When I bought, I bought AMD (X6) because the price/performance was a little better for AMD. Note that this only held true for 3d rendering though, which is highly threaded and scales nicely. Other less threaded applications or even things like Photoshop were better on i7 by a margin worth considering. Also, if you want the most power possible, Intel wins again, 'cause they are just moar fastar.
  14. if they were smart they'd just hire greyscalegorilla to pimp it. Boom! instant sale of 50,000 houdini seats.
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