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  1. recycling topic for another font query look familiar to anyone?.... (vaguely) similar to din, but i prefer this "a", and love te capital "R" cheers
  2. these are gr8 http://www.builtny.com/VGCMS/vg_root/site_...php?pageID=1563
  3. Some say it all began during a four day erotic extravaganza at the french riviera while others claim it was the result of some fandango rebels being completely incommunicado after a road-house gig during ramadan. But the general public opinion states that it's origins actually remount to a fancy extramarital relationship between a radical group called radioactive flamingo and illegal fully-fashioned flamenco dresses gone incognito. Probably. Why not bounce around, Rrose Sélavy? The truth - if any - is that freima has always been and forever will, like an ignition switch inside each one of you, moving you furthur like the yet to be time-warp bubbles, with no apparent raison d'étre except pure exhilaration or real-time fiasco. Whatever the cause and consequence, it is out there - in there - a rampant impulse joyfully striving to be shared by all future rebels engaged in multiple action, a collective evolutionary felatio that promises the beginning of the world. Where it's leading is not the question but where we're leading it: freima is the ready-to-wear everyday fetish for the rave generation dada, the extraterrestrial fragrance on which the innocent and the immoral can draw their reckless plans of action. The freimen are the incorruptible sons of freima, ethereal ramblers, impassioned reactors, ruthless evangelists who sold their ephemeral egos to the almighty insomnious force, eyewitnesses of rhythm, echoes of a restless engine: anyone is fit to be a freiman and yet there are few. Living in and through them, freima will go on, just like breathing, eating or fucking will go on. They can stop the party, but they can’t stop the freima. http://freima.com
  4. hello peeps, thought it would be ok to make a thread telling about free music and/or mixsets i made myself or with peers. check myspace below. also, if anyone would like any of her/his work shown weekly at exquiste ... refined ... and sometimes totally filthy venues in western europe for crowds of 300+ nice people ... pm me :H
  5. r.i.p. this guy had a really rough ride through his life. if anyone's interested i think there's an AWN magazine article by chris robinson a few years ago, should still be online. cheers edit: http://www.awn.com/mag/issue5.08/5.08pages...nsonlarkin.php3
  6. Boomberry

    OFFF 2007

    whoa!... went last year, i'll be there this year for sure. :H
  7. i think i can see a mad-max-esque apocalyptic future in which hardware and software prior to 2007 is worth more than gold. any idea how long adobe will keep it's production bundle available for xp, before going vista only? :H
  8. the world doesn't begin and end in l.a. u know... to each his own, i like the sound, should be buying some of his dancehall stuff pretty soon to sum up a pretty decent ragga set i'm slowly crafting. the guy does sing in portuguese too, just doesn't sing that bad in english either. plus i'm assuming he doesn't have fancy hardware compressors to pump up the sound which rises it further up a notch imo. to me it sounds different, but nice. about the video... maybe average by some standards but well above porto diy ethics by *any* standard so i'm happy for that.
  9. just found this, no motion graphics as such but decent music and video. this guy actually lives across the street from me hehehehe enjoy http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...eoid=1482614432
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