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  1. Yeah, the intro and outro are really old. I've been wanting to make something new, but haven't budgeted the time. The fact that you commented on that drives home the point that it needs to go. Thank you for your time.
  2. I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you very much. I'm disillusioned once again, but that's OK. Back to the drawing board!
  3. This is the WIP. I have some newer stuff to add, but I'd like to know this reels shortcomings. Thanks in advance.
  4. The rumor first surfaced on a site where it's author, from what I've read, is now working for Avid. I posted elsewhere that I thought that the ProApp sale rumor was generated to cause confusion in the marketplace. Who stood the most to gain by saying that Apple would sell the ProApps? Answer: Avid. What potential buyer would cause the greatest concern among Final Cut owners? Answer: Thomson. Where I work, our server playback system that is sold by Avid is now EOL. I doubt that Avid will ever sell another product to our company. I've heard about managers of large post facilities saying that they were going to NAB 2007 to look at anything *but* Avid. Avid DS had great potential. It was developed outside of Avid. From what I've heard, the Avid engineers in Tewksbury gave an "us or them" ultimatum. I don't think there has been a major update in over a year. (perhaps two) * The playback server is Media Stream. Ours is only a couple or years old.
  5. I've just learned to hold the pen while I type... I'm not a touch typist so it doesn't slow me down that much.
  6. scottgfx

    New reel

    Yeah, I just had to go back a couple of times and figure out what you had changed. I didn't notice the spotlight until I scrubbed back to the "before", I thought that that was how the shot looked. The removal didn't draw any attention. I suppose it's what you don't notice that counts.
  7. scottgfx

    New reel

    I've seen it done with an actual arrow pointing to the unwanted object. It could even have a descriptor saying "Unwanted element" or something like that, and then leave the spotlight off on the after. Of course, the before and after type is OK. If you have a chance to revisit that blue/green screen of the actors against the castle/sunset, I would add a little more soft glow to the highlights around the actors. (more light wrap around the actors?) They are matted very cleanly, but they look a little "pasted in". Otherwise, I concur with the other critiques and I think you have a great future ahead of you!
  8. I'm looking for a plugin that I think I saw a while back, and I can't seem to locate it now. It was a plugin that would allow you to import an Excel spreadsheet and take data or text from it to put into text fields. I thought it was for Photoshop, but now I'm wondering if what I saw was for Final Cut. Something like that would have saved me a lot of time the other day. I had to create 60+ graphics for our weather computer where the only thing that changed was a simple text layer. For me, it turned into a lot of cut-and-paste. At least I could automate some of the file prep for saving. Let me know if this rings a bell.
  9. Part of the "look" of `80's video was the fact that tubes were the most common pick-up device in cameras of that era. They had a much different look than the CCD chips that ruled most of the 1990s. Some said that CCDs had more of a "film" look to them. Now the standards conversion is a whole other matter. I'm in the US and only ever saw PAL converted to NTSC. NTSC has a higher temporal resolution, but PAL has a higher spatial resolution. The most obvious artifact of tube camera was smearing. The tube face was an light sensitive organic compound. When over-saturated, it would create a soft "bloom around highlights and those highlights could create a "trail" or smear of light behind it. Being that the tubes were constantly exposed to the light, the trail was very fluid and would not have any kind of staccato motion to it. This might be a good resource: http://www.labguysworld.com/VideoFiles.htm I'd like to see the footage you are trying to match. Sounds interesting.
  10. I built a Photoshop action years ago to force a straight alpha. It's pretty simple. After you merge all of your active layers into one, select it's transparency and save to a channel (It becomes the alpha or "key") Then invoke that action that copies the layer and merges it with the one below it... notice how it makes the transparent pixels more opaque? Just repeat that 10 or 15 more times. My action would makes 10 copies of a layer and then merge them all into one. That was rather slow and took up a lot of memory. A friend from BDA posted an action and just repeatedly copied the layer and merged it 10 or so times. It was a faster way to do the same thing. Would be better if Adobe would just provide a proper way to save a non-premultiplied alpha!!!
  11. I'm sure that we can do something to bring back the old mograph. You all can start by tearing apart the logo design I submitted around a month ago. I was expecting a lashing like none before and got almost nothing. Perhaps I've become a sadomasochist?
  12. Er, Um..... Have you looked at your avitar lately?
  13. I understand. I think I just posted it as I felt I had accomplished something. I've never worked in Cinema 4D before. I've updated the image with a the logo comped and a b/w sample of the logo. I know it's not like Tread and his Shoe model, but I mostly do spinning logos. http://idisk.mac.com/scottgfx/Public/christmas.jpg
  14. http://idisk.mac.com/scottgfx/Public/christmas.jpg This is my very first project in Cinema 4D. After 15 years of using Lightwave, Cinema 4D is a strange place, but I felt good that I got this far. I still need to devise a background. It part of a series of commercials were doing. I would appreciate comments on both the logo design and the 3D object.
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