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  1. Hey Guys, just got a new system and put AE on it. Everything is good to go as normal but when I ram preview, theres no sound! Strangely enough when I hold ctrl and scrub I can here the audio, but when I ram preview, nothing, even though I can see the meters jumping. Could this be a driver issue? All the usual boxes are ticked in AE..
  2. PMC

    My portfolio!

    Dude, your going to look back at this and cringe in a few years. I understand your just starting out and have no real experience in a professional enviroment, but fyi keep matters of your income to yourself. They arn't for public forums.
  3. PMC

    My portfolio!

    I bet you're baked right now
  4. PMC

    My portfolio!

    I would agree with what is being said. Tone it down, all the way. Theres way to many pictures and videos of you on that site.
  5. Has there been many requests for layer folders? That would be very handy and I remember a few people around here bringing it up before.
  6. Hi guys, I saw a thread on this a while back I think, but just to confirm a horrible suspicion. I've just moved over to Maya from XSI, and unlike in XSI where its the default it seems everytime I want to stretch out my curve handles I have to select Keys> Free tangent weights. I don't see an option to make this a default, please tell me I'm missing something! It seems madeness to have to do this for every second curve. Pete
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll have to stick a new reel on it.... @silatix, your right, I'll fish out some better quality jpehs up there, some are too small!
  8. Hey guys- just finished up my new site, let me know what you fink! Cheers Pete www.pmcgraphics.com
  9. Hey guys, anyone know of a database of the various companies in the UK? I remember there was one on here in a thread years back but I can't find it. I'm freelancing in Dublin at the minute and hoping to strech my arm across the pond... Cheers Pete
  10. Hey there, just a quickie, when I launch Mocha on my PC it goes full screen as apposed to sitting in a window, so I have to exit rather then shink when jumping to AE, any idea how I fix this? Can't find the setting! Cheers PMC
  11. Looks great JimJam, really nice. Heres my effort: http://pmcgraphics.com/motion.e409.html Checked out your blog, lovely work!
  12. Dublin city baby! Theres prob about 10 people doing motion graphics in Ireland!
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you like it! Philmadelphia, notes taken on the site comments, unfortunately I'm pretty crappy with HTMl, I'll sit down some day and try and crack it!
  14. Hello there, just finished cutting a new Reel, thought I'd stick it up here for you all to see: http://www.pmcgraphics.com/motion.reel09.html New bits and bobs up on the main site too: http://www.pmcgraphics.com/ Cheers Pete ]
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