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  1. Hey Mographers, I just posted a new free tutorial over at helloluxx.com. Create a logo reveal in Cinema 4D using X-Particles, then take your renders and cameras over to After Effects to add some Trapcode and Red Giant goodness. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Tim
  2. helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training Volume 2 April 1st, 2014 Sydney, Australia helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio and in this Volume 2 offering (learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.2: Copy/Stamping), Adam Swaab explores the copy sop and ways to add variation to multiple objects in a scene. Adam shows how to use template points as a basis for copying objects, how to use attributes to control the scale, rotation and colour of those objects, how to use stamp expressions to add variation to the objects and how to take this knowledge to the next level, by creating a basic prototype of a forest of growing l-system trees, where each tree is a completely unique procedurally generated tree. let’s learn. Have fun with it guys!
  3. helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training Hey Mographers helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio. In this Volume 1 offering (Houdini Jumpstart: Intro to Procedural Modelling) Adam Swaab delivers a tutorial that explores the procedural nature of Houdini, showing how one model of a chair can easily be turned into thousands of unique models with just a few button clicks. This tutorial series is beginner level and assumes no prior knowledge of Houdini. Adam Swaab is a Director and VFX artist based in Los Angeles. His work spans the mediums of film, television, and web. He is currently a Creative Director at Wolf & Crow. Come and check it out! Cheers, Tim
  4. The new helloluxx.com site is alive! We have a selection of C4D training titles available. Check it out here… Thanks Tim
  5. I just uploaded the first teaser for a series of new training titles from helloluxx. The ‘Idents’ training series is based around the concept of producing IDs from scratch. Released regularly, each new chapter will concentrate on a specific set of tools and will cover a large array of practical techniques and workflow approaches which will become essential methods in your day to day production work. http://luxx.tv/tvteaser Thanks for looking, I'll update this thread as soon as it is released. It's released! Cheers Tim
  6. Hey Folks I've uploaded a free orbit camera rig over at helloluxx. There's a short movie showing you the way it works, it's pretty simple but comes in very useful when you need that type of shot. Visit http://luxx.tv/orbitpreset to get the file and more details on using the rig. Happy keyframes! Cheers Tim
  7. If you want to do it with Xpresso then you could use a monoflop node to only execute the nodes once. Alternatively you could use a boolean and then uncheck it each time. See Fake Button here for an example of this http://zabiegly.de/xpresso/index.html cheers Tim
  8. As an alternative to Xpresso, you can use the MoGraph Color Shader in the luminance channel and set the Sound Effector to affect colour under parameters. Perhaps use the Color Shader as a layer mask depending on the result you're after. Won't control the brightness slider but you could still achieve similar results. cheers Tim
  9. You can still use Tracer, use a simple shaped spline in the sweepNURBS and delete the phong tag. This will give it the faceted look. cheers Tim
  10. Use a constraint tag and set it to Aim. Then add the camera as a target. (or use a target tag?)
  11. Try using the Sketch & Toon shaders, designed to work in regular materials, but they will react to light and shade. The Art shader or most probably the Hatch shader are what you are looking for. cheers Tim
  12. Render an object buffer for the phone and then use it as a matte in After Effects
  13. Check that you do not have another version of the plugin installed anywhere (in the Ae plugins or in mediacore, user folder etc). If there are more than one instance of the plugin installed it will not work. cheers Tim
  14. Adjust the Effector Min / Max settings if you don't want it to cut off at 50% grey
  15. In the material set the sampling to none rather than MIP. If you want to control AA on a per object basis then use the compositing tag and adjust the AA settings there.
  16. I'm not sure why you cannot see the f-curve, it must be a limitation currently. You could try making a user data controller and then link to the playback time through some Xpresso. Create a new user data parameter, use time as the data type. Then right click and choose Animation-Set Driver, then go to the document settings and right click on Playback Time and choose Animation - Set Driven (Absolute). The Xpresso works, but I haven't tried it to see if the f-curve from the user data translates to the dynamic parameter.. I don't see why not?
  17. Which version of C4D? If it is Studio, then you can simply cache the dynamics in the project settings and then animate the Playback Time to achieve this. If you are using a different version and don't have these options, you may be able to do this MoGraph cache tag and animating offset, alternatively you could always bake to keys and then duplicate / reverse the keys. cheers Tim
  18. TimC

    Wheat Field

    Model the wheat and then use the cloning feature with Hair to clone the geometry across the surface, this way you will still be able to use all the hair dynamics features on the geometry. If you want to use the hair renderer, then you can access the points on hair with Xpresso then use those positions to link objects or thinking particles. Then clone onto the particles. Alternatively use Cloner and then use something like displacer to add fake wind etc, will probably be just as convincing... maybe? cheers Tim
  19. You can use a spring constraint between several nulls and then link the spline points to the nulls to create fairly convincing spline dynamics. cheers Tim
  20. TimC

    AE Scripts

    I recently asked the tweeps on twitter which were their favourite AE Scripts. I compiled the results into a post. Thought it might be a useful resource for you MoGraphers too. Check it out here cheers Tim
  21. Looks like Cloth or Soft Body to me, you could always use Cloth as an absolute morph target to give some control back to you.. cheers Tim
  22. if you need the MoText to remain parametric. Render it as a separate pass. Use a material with no channels active, i.e. pure black, and a material which has only luminance channel active i.e. pure white. Add the black material to your text and then the white material. In the white material texture tag - Selection field, type C1. This restricts the material to the cap 1, you can also use C2, R1, R2 (rounding). Render this and use as a matte. cheers Tim
  23. Hi MoGraphers I posted a new tutorial on creating a sticky effect in your dynamics simulations. Check it out here. Enjoy! cheers Tim
  24. Hi MoGraphers Learn. Cinema4D Dynamics Training, over ten hours of training is released today. Learn Cinema4D Dynamics is a comprehensive introduction to mastering dynamics within Cinema4D. With a proven track record as one of the worlds leading tutors in Cinema4D, Tim Clapham takes you through this incredible feature rich toolset. Explore the techniques and processes of working with Dynamics as you create five unique projects from the ground up. Each workshop is designed using real world techniques and methods, which are presented in a detailed and comprehensive manner. For more information, please visit helloluxx.com Thanks Tim
  25. I leave the studio at 3am after 18hrs of ROTO. As I ride my fixie the 10k's home in only my Justice t-shirt, I fill with joy thinking of those rotobezier points, greenscreen spill and anti-aliasing flicker. It is only then that the realisation hits me... My destiny to help the sick and needy, save the world, and most of all, advance mankind, has been fulfilled with shiny deer-heads floating in a sea of three dimensional arrows that sweep around me. As I fall asleep that night, I long for the rendering complete sound from my alarm so I can get back to tracking those pixels as soon as possible. I don't need cash or food, I don't miss my wife, my children or my friends, I miss my Wacom.
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