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    <p>I have been on this forum for many years, at first I was Style45 and made bespoke music for some of the mograph originals.</p> <p> </p> <p>I then Focused more on my day Job as an animator and became a forum lurker.</p> <p> </p> <p>I'm now one of the most experienced animatic animator's out there, but recently, I've been craving a bit more, so I've come home :)    </p>
  1. I travel into the city on the overland train so its the brompton that gets my vote. fixed wheel riders around here get booed unless they are delivering stuff. S2l rules
  2. Hi Its been a while since I have used PP as Particular takes care of business for me now days but I used to use it and remember that using gray maps to control if you add a link to the project or pm the link I will have a look. sometimes two heads are better than one. Jim
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't go back to the tube or bus, I like knowing what time I'm going to get to where I'm going. just don't cycle down the inside of those trucks, and watch out for addison lee drivers they have bike blindness.
  4. yep the Euston road was very funny he he. I will be heading back to King cross from Soho soon so I get to enjoy it twice.
  5. I don't know about you lot but I had a very smug grin as I cycled to work this morning. thousands of lost people flapping around on the surface like fish out of water.
  6. Hey I can help, do you have the pieces finished? Jim:)
  7. Hello All, been a while since I've had time to get on here or update my site. but I've been busy which is always good:) anyway I'm afraid I have taken on a two month project which will require me not to take on any free work for that duration(sorry) in fact the contract wont allow me to take on any paid work either. I will be available to take briefs again from the 5th of Feb. always a pleasure Jim
  8. Looks like its time for me to concentrate on my day job.
  9. I haven't tried it yet but if you don't have cs3 yet then in theory you can do this in particular. like the solid with echo technique but easier to set up and more tweakable. as I say haven't tried but I think custom square particle with aux system from main particle high birth rate yada yada then animate producer point all over scene?
  10. I'm a part time sound designer and a full time animator and find the best situation As an animator is to get a rough track which could even be a click track at the desired bpm then let the sound designer have a final pass once the animation is finished to add some spot sounds here and there. as a sound designer I prefer to work to brief first as sometimes when I get a piece of animation that has been done blind so to speak there will normally be some thing that would look great hitting the bar that is just off and this makes the whole thing look shit, which makes me and the animator look bad. I have suggested to the animator in the past to pull the time up a bit and sent an example that I have time remapped in AE. I personally prefer to work to sound as an animator. Jim
  11. hey Pablo bob, I think you might have added your own venom to that 'quote' having gone back to read the reply from Hayley it's not that bad! OK maybe not the right approach to introducing your product to market but do we need a public hanging? let love reign supreme, come on every one group hug Jim
  12. style45

    Avid MFX Viewer

    yep I use the mac one but i guess they are the same, also it dosn't list mfx but you should take a look this is in valuable for converting formats. we use it to pull dvd into final cut. http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-win.html
  13. style45

    Avid MFX Viewer

    try VLC this thing seems to play anything. or maybe mpeg streamclip? jim
  14. Dont know what your deadlines are like but you could film your own. or animate solids, there's not alot you can't do when you start animating those naughty B├ęzier curves.
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