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  1. Hey does anyone have experience with Magic Animcurve for C4d from Nitro4d? I can't get it working. I'm using r17. I emailed the developer and he said something about "try don't check animation automatic psr"? I've tried setting it to "no split" and "Split PSR keys" and no luck. Anybody else use this plugin in r17? Thanks!
  2. hasn't been to mograph.net since 2009. Wow. Well, I'm back.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DANbgciF5U&feature=player_profilepage
  4. djkorova


    Where were the 90degree turns??
  5. Did anyone else think that last shot of the thing looking at you was creepy?
  6. If you're just finding out about CSTools, maybe this will be new to you too. Greyscale Gorilla - CSTools tutorials
  7. Kinda funny... kinda cringe-worthy... ...especially when she says, "I'm just jooooking"
  8. Yeah I made a great chrome material this way, with a gradient in the enviro channel.
  9. Yeah that was pretty sweet, glad there are still people out there as obsessed with Back to the Future as me... 1.21 JIGAWATTS!!!
  10. Hey Nick, great job at the conference. Even though I'm already working in the industry it was good advice for me too! Thanks!
  11. Anyone using that phrase is a douchebag. P.s. I got the email too. And it sorta makes me feel like a hot 19 year old girl that just moved to L.A. and is getting approached by slimy producers saying, "Sure I can get you a part in the new Michael Bay picture! Just come over to my house tonight around 9 and wear something sexy!"
  12. At my office the designers are on macs, the programmers are on P.C.'s. The more anti-mac of the programmers is giddy when a mac has a problem and delights in reminding us "they just work don't they?" (Even though he got an iPhone the day they came out.) All i know is I love my mac, and Steve Ballmer is a moron.
  13. Vivify ~ positivision‏ From: vivify@Psymbolic.com Sent: Thu 11/27/08 7:37 PM To: seanATjohnnytwotone.com Hello))) After a long stretch of time warping projects and events we've floated into a new season settling in. We've been absorbing the wonders while enjoying warm fires. Sometimes, it's the little things that bring us a whole new perspective and appreciation. We send out hopes that all is wonderful and well within your positive paths. Vivify ~ the irregular newsletter spotlighting artists, audio/visual events, & psymbolic happenings. (1) Shpongle / Hallucinogen / Govinda :: 5-City Tour Dec. 9-13 ~ (2) Motion Graphics Fest :: Call For Entry + 5-City Tour 2009 ~ (3) Psymbolic Sound Shop :: Revamped ~ (4) Psymbolic Artist Blogs :: Art/Culture/Tech ~ (5) Psymbolic Artist Booking :: Future Festival Integration ~ (6) Future Services :: Events/Audio/Video/Web/Design ~ (7) Open Call :: Contributors/Collaborators/Enthusiasts ~ (8) Memes, Mediums & Modes :: Newer News and Updates ~ ._. ._. ._. (1) *Shpongle / Hallucinogen / Govinda* :: 5-City Tour Dec 9-13 ~ --- These artists will be touring throughout the mid-US (Nashville, Lawrence, Fayetteville, Dallas, Austin) and will be joined at the Texas events by guest speaker Daniel Pinchbeck plus Psymbolic--sounds musicians; Artificial Life Preserver, Gift Culture, and Init String. Tribal Elements has organized immersive, multi-dimensional events focusing on music, visuals, dance, performance & conscious culture for these Texas stops as well. Psymbolic will be providing advanced online tickets for each event without passing service fees on to the purchaser. Release yourself from genre specific ideas you may have about music and open yourself to be Shpongled. Limited Advanced Tickets + Event Info: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (2) *Motion Graphics Fest* :: Call For Entry + 5-City Tour ~ --- This will be one of the final calls before the 2009 Chicago Launch. In its 6th year, MGFest stands as the premier US event showcasing creative motion picture design. Send your finest minutes, your dreams realized, your fictions animated, your adventures recorded, your sweat and passion woven into something of beauty, and the Motion Graphics Festival will take it to audiences across the country. Selections will be screened during the 6th annual Motion Graphics Festival tour in Chicago, Boston, Austin, Atlanta and Washington DC. 3 Ways to Enter! Easy - Simply enter a link to a video you think is really good! Medium - Send a DVD of a video you made. Hard - Suggest a presentation topic, performance or installation you would like to deliver. (( Call For Entry // NEW MOTION | NEW SOUND | NEW CODE http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D You can additionally watch videos & vote for the winners via MGFest09 Online :: Daily Motion Graphics http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D The Motion Graphics Festival presents a year-long, regionally focused program of events which expands to 5 US Cities: Chicago, Boston, Austin, Atlanta and Washington DC. The 5-city tour focuses on motion design, sound design, and film & video technology by hosting: art showcases, exhibits, workshops, classes, panel discussions, studio tours, theater screenings and industry mixers. Check Out the new Website and Stay Tuned while periodic updates happen as the Motion Graphics Festival expands: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D Festival Sponsorship Opportunities - send us a shout... http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ...& we'll reply w/ the Advanced Info Kit ._. (3) *Psymbolic Sound Shop* :: Revamped ~ --- We just recently rolled out some major revisions to the Psymbolic sound shop. You can now sort by artist, label or keyword. Everything is dynamically generated and way easier to navigate faster. We've additionally added digital albums by: Hol Baumann, KiloWatts, Mauxuam, Random Rab, and Solar Fields. We'll soon be adding newer releases from various artists and labels. Psymbolic Sound Shop :: Select CDs and Digital Album Downloads: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (4) *Psymbolic Artist Blogs* :: Art/Culture/Tech ~ --- We've published many new blog posts and feed articles on various art/culture/tech topics by Psymbolic artists. Current Psymbolic artists consist of: Aligning Minds, Artificial Life Preserver, Derby, Gift Culture, Glen Stephani, Init String, Jirah, KiloWatts, Mason Dixon, Psymbolic Visuals, Ryan Hartsell, The Abominable Twitch, The Great Mundane, + a Julee & Troy. Psymbolic Artist Blogs + RSS subscription: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (5) *Psymbolic Artist Booking* :: Future Festival Integration ~ --- Know of a future festival or event seeking custom realtime visuals, multimedia art installations and/or musical performers? We're currently working on a few multi-city tours for 2009 and would love to interconnect efforts. To explain in a bit of detail what Psymbolic does best... We create, perform and synch thematic video and live camera feeds to the mood of the musical performances at large scale events. We've setup/installed visual environments and performed custom realtime video for a plethora of festivals and have experience organizing/curating/performing events since 99. In addition, Psymbolic represents a growing selection of inspiring audio/visual inter/multi-media artists. We're all proactive with promoting the events we get involved with. We look forward to hearing about the future festivals and events you may be connected to or interested in. Psymbolic Visual Process + past Events/Showcases: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D Psymbolic Artist Booking: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (6) *Future Services* :: Events/Audio/Video/Web/Design ~ --- Psymbolic consists of a group of highly skilled creative and technical professionals, experienced in event organization and logistics, design and production, print and packaging, web and multimedia audio/visual communications. Concept to Completion we embrace technology and partner with you to build upon concepts to provide innovative solutions. Current Psymbolic Services + past Clients/Sponsors/Testimonials: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (7) *Open Call* :: Contributors/Collaborators/Enthusiasts ~ --- Attention: musicians, poets, artists, performers, technologists, strategists, and revolutionaries . . . We're currently working on projects that will be interconnecting artists and creators through traditional and untraditional mediums and media. Such as; Multimedia Releases through the Psymbolic--sounds label, Artist Showcases and Event Bookings, Art/Artist integration into multimedia events and festivals, etc. etc. We're currently in dialog with quite a few large scale festival organizations and receive intriguing proposals on a weekly basis. Just send us a short response indicating your interest. Send us links to your current and past works. Send us your resume. Propose a platform to collaborate. For those submitting audio or video... you can post your works somewhere convenient for download or a login and password to upload your work to the Psymbolic servers can be provided. Reply to this email or contact us via the link below// http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D ._. (8) *Memes, Mediums & Modes* :: Newer News and Updates ~ --- As time shrinks and expands we've been seeking alternative ways to communicate and share meaningful moments. Currently we've been enjoying Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users' updates, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. With the ability to update from our phones while only being able to post short updates we actually find ourself updating more frequently. We additionally syndicate our twitter feed to the appropriate Psymbolic artist blogs plus all of those social networking sites that we love, thus allowing us to break free from spending countless hours logging into accounts and updating blog by blog. Follow Psymbolic on Twitter: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D As always, Please do respond and update us with your current; missions, passions, inspirations. What upcoming ambitions and hopes are you currently bringing to new life or energy? small/large/short/long responses welcome. We look forward to seeing you at a future; event, time, space. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed reading this version of Vivify. ------ Thanks for Being in Tune, . Psymbolic .. Audio / Visual event engineers ... Live Performance Visuals .... Multimedia Label ------- Forward Vivify to a friend: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D Vivify preferences: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D Vivify unsubscribe: http://www.psymbolic.com/vivify/lt.php?id=...18YCwAHAA%3D%3D -- Powered by PHPlist, www.phplist.com --
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    Jesus H.

    I recently got robbed by 2 people outside my apartment who were at first asking for directions. Then my wallet. I know the feeling of replaying an event like this in your head over and over. I ended up just handing over the wallet with minimal resistance, but I've thought about the different possibilities like just running but then again they just watched my g/f walk into our open apartment with our dog. The other thing i fantasized about was pulling a gun and saying, No. You may not have my wallet M***F***ers! But the only thing that scares me about that would be if they pulled a gun back on me. What to do then?
  15. Some people have motion graphic, uh, such as the Iraq, and uh, the U.S. not everyone has graphic, uh motion, like, everywhere like such as, help design South Africa, like, help build up our future, for us, like such as.
  16. EROTIC CONCRETE OPERA My new band name
  17. At least you have a sweet Member #
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