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  1. Like the 16:9 display ratio and the lack of Thunderbolt? The specs are very impressive though and the price more then fair.
  2. The Quickview issue sucks but the new tagging system is great to sort assets. Tab for Finder is also nice. Some people say it made their Macs much faster but I guess this depends on the machine. I couldn't really tell.
  3. So those compositors and editors hah! They should really start to do some real work those lazy bastards! Do you even read what you write? The agencies usually (and if not otherwise stated in a contract or other agreement) pays for the final product, which usually is a rendered movie. Yes, the artwork remains the property of the creator (the agency) but also the source files are the property of the compositor. It's rather a matter of good style and work ethic to come to an agreement over the source files. If he doesn't want to work with the agency anymore (for whatever reasons) he at least should offer a fair solution. And the solution can be a fee.
  4. Cinema 4D R15 Studio can import 3DS files (including materials). Works like a charm. Not sure about other versions though.
  5. AFAIK the short answer is no. Here's more… http://forums.adobe.com/message/4758838#4758838 Unfortunately as of now none of the new features (coming in June with the new CC versions) will come to CS6. … People also already have started petitioning… Petition | Adobe Systems Incorporated: Eliminate the mandatory "creative cloud" subscription model. | Change.org Also interesting… Adobe is killing Creative Suite; here’s why | VentureBeat
  6. Thank you mezklador studio! I have done some more research and came to the conclusion, that is is not really a good idea to buy at DigitalRev or similar cheap online shops. The reason, why they are so cheap is because they sit and buy the gear in Honkong. They send their stuff in a package denounced as “No value”. From this point on it seems to be a game of chance, because if it goes through customs you are fine, if not, you are fined (kind of) which means you have to pay customs and end up paying more then if you'd have bought it somewhere slightly more expensive in the first place. Also if products are damaged and you have to send them back this might turn out to be very risky, expensive and time consuming. Would have been too good to be true anyways.
  7. Hi all (especially UK folks) Where is your preferred shop (real or online) to go to to buy cameras (DSLR) and lenses in the UK? Is there anyone who has any experience with DigitalRev? They are dead cheap which usually should trigger an alarm. Cheers for any input!
  8. I do not know if this will help or change anything, but I do think Apple should hear our voices at the very least… https://www.facebook.com/MacProsPlease
  9. Can we do a list of the best/worst trends of the past years please!
  10. So what's coming next then?
  11. I've recently stumbled upon a “job” ad where a studio in London invited freelancers to do an audition for a full day! I'd call this a free pitch or spec work. You'd think working hard on putting all your fancy previous projects in a great portfolio and show reel should be enough. I hope this doesn't become an ugly trend!
  12. rolin

    Final Cut Pro X

    I haven't installed any of the 3 new applications myself but I've heard from a colleague that after installing Motion 5 some codecs (PNG, …) were missing. Anyone else with a similar experience? I've sent him the Terminal line qtdefaults write LegacyCodecsEnabled yes No answer yet. Also, here's a collection of more first thoughts and reviews… The Final Cut Pro X Community Review
  13. rolin

    Battefield 3

    I am so in! Already ordered it
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