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  1. We have 4 Mac Workstations which are connected via fibrechannel to a XSAN server system. Basicly this system is great, it allows us all to work on the same "disk" and the speed of the fibrechannel is as fast as a local disk inside the computer. The downside is, that system is high maintenance and expensive for something that basicly is just a a fast external drive which multiple computers can access. Also there are some strange filename issues and random crashes which seem to be connected to the XSAN system. For instance we can not load any jpegs into aftereffects which reside on the server disk, AE crashes. If you copy it to the local drive, everything works. We have a ton of those small "issues". I want to know it there is something which is cheaper and easier to maintain. what are you using? or do you know of any system that is usable.
  2. thanks dmc! thats the one i was looking for!
  3. really can't remember, I just remember seeing it at Promax in Berlin. I dont think its a commercial because its rather long
  4. its about 2 or 3 years old made in the style of some kind of scientific experiment. there are some small people that have a cubic head, and they are keep in a white room with (i think) ceramic tiles on the walls. There are some arms and hands of regular size which drip some liquid on the cubes (heads) of the small people with a pipette. And those little people react differently to different liquids. can you remember this clip?
  5. so i rendered a scene in C4D including a dephpass to compose DOF in AE. Now I have a foreground object and I want to make a focuspull from the foreground object to the background. Foreground object in focus and background object out of focus looks terrific. When I change the focal distance to focus the background it does blur the foreground but the edges of the foreground object stay sharp. this happens both in the AE Lens Blur effect as well as the Frischluft depth of field plugin. Somehow i can see why this happens, the depthpass does after all have sharp edges. Is there a workaround for this or do i have to do the focuspull in C4D?
  6. awesome, thanks grundly! i did some more digging (i know i should have before i posted...) and this semms to do the same: L = thisComp.layer("Null 1"); L.toWorld(L.anchorPoint)
  7. i am building this "jules verne"-esque robotic arm which has a magnifying glass at the end. so far i have the parenting working well so i can animate the robotic arm. the problem is the magnifying effect. I have an adjustmet layer with the "magnify effect" applied. I parented the center point of the effect to the layer with the "frame" of the glass. now the problem is: This "frame" layer is the end of a parenting chain, the "magnify" effect does therefore not seem to be able to read out the position value. And the magnify effect does not follow the movements of the "frame". if i parent the center to a regular layer which i move around, this semms to work perfect. but if this layer also has a parent, it wont work... is there a workaround for this? thanks for your help
  8. holy cow! thanks for clearing this up for me!
  9. hm, where are those QT color profiles applied and stored? I was never aware of this
  10. i'm doing some testgrading of 5D footage. In color finesse the preview is totally different from what the After Effects comp shows me after I click OK. massive gamma shift. anybody know whats going on? We have Quicktime 7.6.2
  11. ok, thanks for the pointers! will do like this!
  12. Ok, when I am rendering a multipass image, say an image with ambient occlusion. I then, of course, add the ambient occlusion pass in the multipass render settings. Now, as a result I get the rendered image, and a seperate image with the ambient occlusion. BUT ambient occlusion is also integrated in the rendered image. I would expect that every pass I render seperately, would be excluded in the rendered image... So i could compose it in after effects and for instance control the opacity of the ambient occlusion. Am I missing something?
  13. is it possible to get the lines out in a seperate path without having to remove all the textures and rendering a second time?
  14. I was asked by a festival to speak about a project I did. This is the first time I am speaking at a conference and I am really clueless in what to show and tell. I'll have about 20-30 minutes. Has anyone done this before and what did you show and tell?
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