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  1. Comedy Central is an arm of Viacom, so the new mark isn't a grand departure from their philosophy on copyright. http://is.gd/ivj9T
  2. i've shot a bunch of stuff at Liberty Studios, where this was made. Not sure if they are still in business, but the stage is a LOT smaller than you would think, on the second floor of a 26th street townhouse / office in NYC. Last time i was there, they still had a bunch of the building models stored in a shed on the deck.
  3. 11 and 12 are very important, and actually both play towards the question about cover letters, which i suppose i can add one more to the list: 14 your cover letter should address the needs of the job posting, and absolutely should not include every school, achievement, client, and post house that you have ever worked with / on, that is what a resume is for. let's look at an example job posting: Maya generalist needed for on site, 6 week job from nov 1-dec 15. Please send your reel with descriptions of your role in each project. Local candidates only please, no phone calls. a great response to this would be as follows: Hi, I saw your posting for the maya generalist position, and I happen to be a maya generalist, although i tend to specialize in modeling, lighting and texturing. My reel can be seen at http://www.myawesomereel.com'>http://www.myawesomereel.com (your reel is then either the first thing i see, or prominently linked on your website). I have attached a description of my roles in the work featured in my reel, and my resume is also attached. I am currently available for the dates you are seeking, and I can provide references as necessary. Here is where you can say something flattering about the work that the shop / agency has done in the past, but that isn't necessary, and in fact if you aren't familiar or impressed with the past work, don't try and blow sunshine up HR's ass. I look forward to discussing this position further with you. regards, -you here is a letter that will get binned, pretty much the instant that i see it: (mostly from an actual email. names, addresses, urls and either changed or removed) Application for the post of maya generalist APPLICANT NAME HERE, 123 curry pot road, katmandu Portfolio: http://www.myawesomereel.com Email ID: myawesomeemail@myawesomewebsite.com Cell: +955512121 Personal Blog: http://www.superawesomeblog.com Career Summary Company Profile: Designation: 3D Character animator Period: Promo animation for IMAX Theater Key Roles:Character Animator Description: Done key frame animation of several characters for the promo animation clip with stereoscopic technology for IMAX Company Profile: Basics Foundation, ISKCON, Bangalore. Designation: Visual / Web Designer Period: Key Roles: Web designer & Visual Developer Description:Designed & developed in both FLASH and HTML versions. • Designed the entire website using FLASH, Action Script & XML • Created visual elements for promotional videos (few are available in the website) • Produced few promotional as well as title video elements for the various programs in the organization using Maya, After FX, Vegas, etc… • Expertise on Joomla (installation, configuration, creating/editing templates, creating/editing CSS, debugging, creating new modules(using PHP, XML & JS)) • Expertise in PHP coding • Expertise in creating online forum using PHP, ASP, CSS & XML • Expertise in FLASH & Action Script • Below is a list of few websites which are designed & developed by me Company Profile: Designation: 3D Character Animator/Rigger Period: 3D animated feature film using key-frame animation Key Roles: Key-frame Animator Description: Did exclusive key-frame animation of Quast (monster) for many shots in the movie. Works involved in primary as well as secondary animation, fine tuning of monster action sequences (Quast’ the 3rd main character in the movie) • Rigged 2 characters & a tree with friendly animation rig setup • Worked on fingers / hand interaction with props key-frame animation for various characters in the movie (massive war shot) • Also worked on particle simulations as per the need Company Profile: Designation: Graphic Designer / Animator / Special FX Artist Period: Key Roles: As an Animator - • Produced and directed the title animation for the event As a Video/Special FX Artist – • Produced and directed promo video shows for various events • Produced special effects elements for the title sequences • Created flexible & dynamic elements for the promo video shows • Conceptualized and drafted storyboards for CD-ROM, DVD, documentaries and marketing videos • Edited and composited digital audio and digital video (Non-linear and Linear) • Created menu and UI to implement CD-ROMs, DVDs and interactive movies • Designed and produced event menus and motion menus for various programs • Prepared presentations for small and wide audiences using FLASH, Director, PowerPoint • Gained extensive knowledge of video formats, codecs and digital audio • Gained knowledge of audio and video compression, Media Cleaner, for the web and multimedia As a Graphics Designer – • Designed projects in print, including logos, identities, collateral, newsletters, annual reports, magazine ads, brochures, posters, trade show booth • Designed projects, web sites, main pages, UIs, including logos, identities, annual reports, landing pages • Designed user interface experiences based on target audiences • Collaborated with editors, photographers, and other professionals • Designed interface models, menu systems and navigational schemas Technical Skills • Animation • Special-FX/Visual-FX • Video-editing • Sound-editing • Compositing/producing • Web-designing • All-rounder (animation, multimedia, special FX) Software Skills GOOD: • Autodesk Maya • Adobe Flash • Adobe Director • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe After Effects • Adobe Audition (CoolEdit Pro) • Sony Vegas • Mainconcept/Canopus encoder • CSS • PHP BASIC: • Autodesk Combustion • CorelDraw • Adobe Illustrator • Autodesk Motionbuilder • Adobe Flash Actionscript 2.0 • HTML • Adobe Director Lingo ATTACHMENT: myawesomereel.mov (122mb) In short, be succinct, to the point, BY ALL MEANS DO NOT SEND A FORM LETTER, and try to include in your cover letter something that addresses the needs in original listing.
  4. i'v been around, lurking mostly because i've been pretty busy. i do stop in here to read up a couple of times a week, and i should post more i suppose. i'm happy i could share my little brain fart with some people that might find it useful.
  5. I am in the middle of another search for a broadcast designer, and after slogging through several hundred reels and resumes, I thought I might give some tips about how to effectively and efficiently make your job submission have a little more appeal. I seem to need to do this hiring thing a couple of times a year, and I see a lot of the same mistakes come up again and again. 1- the link to your reel / portfolio should be one of the first things that is seen on your cover letter. 2- make sure your link works. 3- in your cover letter, be brief, be to the point, and for the love of all things holy do not gush about what a perfect opportunity for you this job is, or that you are sure that you are a good fit for the team. it makes you sound desperate, and even if you happen to actually be desperate, you don't want to come across like you are in your cover letter. 4- spell check. please. for the children. 5- do not ramble on, you aren't being graded on the length of your cover letter. especially if it references anything mentioned in #3. 6- your reel should start with your best work. while i appreciate some build up etc, i am looking at hundreds of reels every time i hire someone. im gonna close the window and next you if the first thing i see is some mediocre student project that was put in so you had enough material to fill out the 4:56 techno track that you threw at your montage. 7- edit. editing. please at least show that you tried to edit your work. a truly great song does not need to use every key on the piano, if you know what i mean. 1-2 minutes is about perfect for a reel, don't feel like it needs to be any longer than that. also, if you are going to use a music track for a montage, try and cut to the beat. it shows some polish and effort that will help you stand out. 8- on your website, make sure the navigation is clear and easy for me to find your reel. please also make sure your reel is in a common format / codec. quicktime or vimeo are wonderful, but you can't reasonably expect me to be able to view your SheerVideo Pro X file. 9- this is just a personal preference, but if you insist on creating a reel for each season / year, make sure that when i see it, it is currently that season / year. it is just about spring 2010 now, i'm not sure that i am looking at your most current work if your reel says fall 2006. 10- do yourself a favor, if you call yourself an art director or a creative director, please show me at least one job where you have held that title. while we are at it, if you label yourself as director level on your website or resume or cv, it looks awkward if you are applying for a jr or designer position. just sayin'.
  6. Backburner now supported for use with Maya on Mac OS X: You can now use Backburner with Maya on the Mac OS X platform. sweet!
  7. i'd be willing to help out with testing this as well... i found and modified a script for my team that can pull data from an excel doc, (well, a csv) to help with automation of this sort of thing. i wish i had more programming experience, so i could help with your mac development.
  8. three5


    i have been fortunate enough to have only used boujou for the last 3 or 4 years... it can be great when it decides to behave, but sometimes even in what should be a simple track, you can get some odd results and spend the better part of a couple days tweaking your results. i'll have to give syntheyes a shot.
  9. http://www.channel4.com/4creative/ them maybe?
  10. three5


    is it 2001 already? jeez, the years seem to fly by.
  11. https://www.getdropbox.com/ ive been using that. 2gb free, and it syncs files.
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    Firefox 3.0

    oh yeah, here is some english words about that^^
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    Firefox 3.0

    im going to go ahead and lower your productivity for you: play any NES game in ff3
  14. link is up there, ive used it, and it works quite well.
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