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    Vids, humbacker pickups, a small stone pedal, a Gibson SG, oh yeah...any kinds of graphics (motion or photog) and UT2K4...nuff said.
  1. los

    300 end credits

    key words sucked me into this horrible site - End Credits - 300....now I am pissed off at this stooopid site. And the end credit wasnt even there. I spent a whole 5mins looking for it and it was the looongest 5 mins ever! I felt like I was shoppping for wonder bread with all those color dots.
  2. Yeah I was checking your site out. Pretty neat. I feel lots of good things going to happen when attending SCAD. I will diffinitely look you guys up when we get there. We are looking to get a studios place DT if possible.
  3. I am in Raleigh, NC. I have a small production thing going on here. Nothing to special, not yet. But, I am planning on going to SCAD this fall to finish up what I started to get into. So, we are excited to move and soak in the culture and meet cool peeps. Yeah my wife couldn't watch the flesh tearing experience in the movie. I don't know. Theres alot of debate of whether thats "Art" at all. I mean some stuff is neat and others are a waste of my time. Guess its a matter of interest.
  4. Inspire 07 was cool. I enjoyed Savannah much. I have to agree with the laid back speakers and getting some juicy detials. But, I almost put a bullet through my head during that last screening of the Andy Warhol Whalin' spot. Guess it was that it was the last presentation...BubblyFish was cool..except for the VJ. I thought he would have done his homework with her and had more old school gaming visuals??? I will put some pictures up soon. Me and the wifey had a blast. Would have done much more if I didnt have a stoopid cough. I mostly called it quits early, but I did take a brew around the town! Moon River beer is fantastic! Oh, I was the one that ask the question to Psyop about explaining what a work day is like @ Psyop.
  5. Guys. Already here! Savannah is cool. Me and the wife love it! Trying to find a place to live here also, but we are staying at River Street Inn 2 blocks from Lucas Theatre. I guess we will see you guys in the morning if I hear the alarm, heheheheh. I will be the Spredneck/Argentinian guy there with a white american chick. Try to find me with the camera too! los
  6. san serif? lol...submit it here to see if others might help. What the Font
  7. los


    its a boy! shit we were pregnant?
  8. Me and the lady going to be there for :H day and Inspire. Also, got in to SCAD for the fall semester. See if I can finish up what I started...Anyone know of places to rent? Looking for a house, no apartments.
  9. I used to use DVDBackup, but is no longer supported for Tiger or Intel macs. Then I used Mac the Ripper and DVD2xone to shrink to fit on a 4.7GB disc. Does perfect! Oh and make sure you get good disc to burn on. I once went thru tons of Maxwell DVD-r that I use for coasters Right now I use Fuji DVD-R with no problems. ARRrrrrr!
  10. los


    Oh brother...ugh. Lately I have been seeing so much Graffiti/Paint Rip/animated Pansies all over spots on our local network. Can we get back to basics of design and research. If I see another NBA/vines growing/paint drips spot, I might have to cancel my cable subsciption... I wonder if this idea was actually stortboarded first? Seems like they would have seen what we saw and not wasted time putting it together.
  11. droO0o0o0Oo0ooOoo0Oool... Unreal Tournamnet 2007 vids scroll down to usermovies. Enjoy! I did! Have your kleenex ready....
  12. yeah it looks dope. No matter the wifi, since I just sold my only Powerbook. Not sure what package she got...guess it would be a "two of us" package. Not, much longer...
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