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  1. oeuf

    iMac 2017

    There are plenty of shops still holding out with their 2010 Mac Pros and iMacs, it's quite sad. I'm glad Apple is trying something with the iMac Pro. Gives hope that maybe, just maybe, a Mac Pro would be decent. And I'm a Windows user...
  2. What do you plan on doing with it? AE? C4D? Octane? Will it be your main machine? Mograph is a broad term, a little more info about it's intended uses would help. Windows 10 is perfectly fine.
  3. oeuf

    Surface Studio

    Someone posted this on slack: https://www.penny-arcade.com/news/post/2016/10/26/the-surface-studio It's definitely promising. I would love to see Microsoft make a version of this that plugs into your existing box for use.
  4. Saw this the other day, Rest in peace Dan.
  5. Taken from an interesting slack conversation, I didn't want this to get lost, so here it is. I didn't know if there were some unwritten rules about including names or not, but seeing as the focus is the content, I left them out. I didn't edit or anything besides trying to separate the conversation. Your work is fantastic. Being a CD, how much animating do you still get to do? The transition had it’s challenges. There was a lot of things I had to learn. Going from a maker mentality to teacher/manager/coach mentality. Being hands off. So I can focus on getting the team all moving in the same direction. Becoming a translator. listening to client needs and turning that into actionable items for my team to make. ——I got lucky with the position. I had worked for blind for a few years as a freelancer, and they were looking for fresh blood to bring in, mix things up, and train. I’m very fortunate. I’d love to make a jump from trailer guy into a more mograph position but stability in a position is key as I have a family to provide for. Who knows. It may happen still, god willing. Stability can be tricky for mograph. I guess it depends on where you live, and what market you apply your skills to.The traditional motion design studios of the 90’s-00's – not a healthy place right now. Lots of shops struggling, because the money has dispersed in so many places. Small shops seem to be doing ok.In house at an agency, or internal team at a network/tech/entertainment company, seems to be a market with need at the moment.Definitely opportunity out there. And the need will continue to shift and change around. do you miss actually making stuff? I remember at one point i kinda got into a more management area, was outsourcing a lot etc.. ( all was remote, so not the same thing) But then i realized what i enjoy most is actually making all the stuff so i went back to just making things myself. works much better for me. I’ve found that what I’ve enjoyed the most is helping other people and delivering something valuable to them. Whether thats a client, student, or the community. So even in my current position I’m trying to branch out in more of those areas.When I get the itch I jump on the box, I usually help out in the early stages in the design and r&d. The problem solving is fun for me. Though mostly, my “maker itch” is resolved by making content – articles, tutorials, etc. So I’ve made a shift. I’m very fortunate. So these days, I try to share what I can with others this seems to be a path that some people naturally take, so you're not alone there. It rings true for me as well. Splitting time between maker and mentor mentality can be really satisfying at a certain age. You're definitely in a good spot for that. That transition from maker to manager and mentor is a weird one when you've only known your creative drive from a maker stance. Plenty of people find it's not what they enjoy. Can be confusing when the business path through growth always leads to management but it sounds like it's good for you. Congrats. So true. Not everyone wants/needs to be promoted to a manager.My fiancee went from designer to AD, and she hated it. She left and went back freelance. It’s a different skill set for sure. And a different path not everyone should pursue. There's kind of a cultural expectation of growth toward management. The social ladder / rat race, if you will. I find that successful makers are slightly more introspective on average, but when everyone implicitly says that the path to maturity and on to glory is to move into director seats, a lot of us will take the bait, and then find to our disappointment that it has little to do with our interests. That's a tough lesson, especially with the money part thrown in, and it's not something we talk about much. Good on your lady for knowing herself and staying true. Yeah there's a lot of cultural (and financial) pressure to move along the business ladder, but it doesn't really work for a lot of creatives. Give it a shot at some point because you never know, but don't think a director's chair is what you should be after.
  6. oeuf

    GTX 1080

    Hehehe... you guys said DP
  7. Damn, droppin' the Blade Runner quote... nice. Always enjoyed Binky's vids and his critiques.
  8. oeuf

    GTX 1080

    I would wait, let the dust settle and see what third party card vendors bring to the table. I'm interested in seeing what this new card brings to the table as well as seeing what it does to prices across the board, if anything. And jerking off hardware? are we talking teledildonics? I hear that shits DAH FEWCHAH!
  9. I used to use LogMeIn, which at one point had a free option(not anymore). Pretty easy to setup, use and is cross-platform. You can give the free trial a go. https://secure.logmein.com/home/en/pro
  10. I found this through the mograph Slack channel, it's fuckin' great!
  11. The last time I did a car animation, I just used a simple Xpresso setup to drive the wheels to turn when the model moved forward. The animation was simple and didn't require any plugins, your case may be different. I got a really heavy CAD model but there were alot of unneeded details in the model that I removed. I'm talking about every mechanical thing down to nuts and bolts were in the file. I only kept what was needed and seen by the camera at rendertime making it alot easier to work with. Find out what your needs are and work accordingly, good luck!
  12. I can see Apple hitting them with a cease and desist, but honestly unless they start making a tremendous amount of money with that case, Apple probably won't do anything. And there some really nice square towers out there.
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