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  1. i guess that explains why the render looked "bad" when viewed in another apple computer? just now i was rendering it in tiff and it looked the same, but when i checked "embed profile" on the output settings, it looked good...just as you say...it reads the embed profile and tries to show it "correctly" on my display. i hate that i still don't know when it all changed... thank you very very much. v.
  2. thank you all. I'm still trying to figure out what is going on...did a TGA render and the results are the same, hence i guess it's not a QT problem...still i can't seem to understand how come i get the image just fine in preview and photoshop... anyway, i turned on color management and checked that the output profile was set to the same thing before rendering my TGA, but it looks the same. I'm reading all the adobe docs on color management, but the thing is that everything looks ok on another macbook pro with AECS3 and no color management...i don't get it... time to reinstall? cry? i'm going to try diferent combinations of color management and see if i come to something usefull. thanks again! v.
  3. thansk for the response. i've already searched the forum, adobe and mac for an answer...gonna do it again and again till somethong comes up. and yes, i have the match gamma thing checked on the project settings. i guess maybe this is not an AE problem but a quicktime thing on my system...i dunno thanks again!
  4. Hi all! I'm having a bit of a nightmare here. this is my scenario: macbook pro, leopard (10.5.2), quicktime 7.4.5, AE cs3 (8.02). I have a psd to work with. inside photoshop everything looks ok. If I open that same file in preview or via quick look, it looks fine too. But whenever quicktime gets in the way it shifts color and gamma, so I'm having issues in AE and Final Cut. If I enable color management inside AE, everything looks fine to work with, but it's still wrong when I render it out. i first thought it might be just me, but when i preview my renders on a diferent machine, the colors are all wrong. of course, if I render my project on another machine, colors are fine... help me!! picture 1 is the image in preview. picture 2, same image opened in quicktime. I've already tried downgrading quicktime, but nothing changed! am I missing something really stupid here? thanks in advance! v.
  5. congratulations for you both! Joey looks absolutely beautiful
  6. hi everybody! Just wanted to share a script I made for AE, it's based on a post by Jonas on generalspecialist.com (this post). The script goes through the selected layers in the current composition writing an expression on the Position property of the layer with the position values of the layer at frame 0. this is a way of locking just the layer's position when you want to work with its effects or transparency, but don't want the layer to be nudged. hope you find it useful, and please email me if you find something that doesn't work as it should get it here valerialaura.
  7. I had to do that for a project a while ago. I only did it for a few parts though, it is a real pain...i used two monitors and had both projects opened, so i copied a few keyframes using the textedit/notepad method, and replicated the rest by looking at it... convincing the client was not an option here, and i had to give my project to other ppl, so i had to give that method a try.
  8. that's what i call a great explanation...thanks a lot sao!
  9. great site! thanks for sharing
  10. select keyframes accross layers that share the same frame, holding <alt>+ left or right arrow will move the keyframes by one frame (holding shift will move by 10 frames). not automatic, but might help...
  11. hello everybody... ok, i know i'm helping with the viral shit here, but have you seen http://www.diesel.com? this thing, looking so much like a reality show, reminded me of all the talk about youtube plans for producing content. just thought it looked interesting
  12. mine's valerialaura (a lot of my tags are in spanish!)
  13. editing is not just knowing how to use the program, i think everyone here is talking about editing in a storytelling way, and that's one of the most important things you have to learn. whatever you do, be it mograph, video, pure 3d, stop motion animation, pen and paper, you name it...every piece is telling something, and it has to say it right. think of storytelling and rythm as the letters of the alphabet and knowing how to read...it doesn't matter if you want to be a lawyer or a designer...you have to know how to read and write. i hope it makes sense, my english is not helping here!
  14. i think all the exploding vectors stuff is more early 90s...the type stuff is still so trendy that it's hard to tell it's "old" or not 00s... the "3D thingy in the backround with all the 7pt text in front" is very late 90s/early 00s web stuff...anyone remember onyro.com from back then? god, i love the 90s
  15. happy holidays mograph ppl! felices fiestas a todos!!
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