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  1. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Touching%20Cloth sorry your question gave me a chuckle.
  2. If anyone's interested The Voxys are playing at The Mercury Lounge NYC tonight (Nov 10th)
  3. They're not American. They're English/Irish ex-pats based it New York.
  4. The best Live band in New York City... The Voxys and apparently they're still unsigned. go figure.
  5. What you need is a girlfriend mate.
  6. Exactly my point! This is how the story goes... Apparently Singer sewing machines designed the perfect sewing machine in the 1950's.. which was indestructible.... Great for the buyer. Bad for Singer. People who bought these machines would never have to buy another sewing machine for the rest of their lives. So APPARENTLY Singer released a new machine that wasn't nearly as good as the original and told their customers that they could return their smelly old original sewing machine and get the new super-dooper machine (designed to eventually break)... that way people would have to eventually replace the sewing machines periodically... Apparently.
  7. Sure, It makes economical sense... the anti virus software industry wouldn't exist without viruses... so why wouldn't the same company who creates anit virus software create viruses. its just like apple (or any other software company for that matter) with their feckin OS updates... eventually you need to buy a faster machine just to run the new operating systems... has the OS really improved that much over the last few years? ... and another thing, singer sewing machines.... don't get me started mate
  8. I don't get it. Why is that image so offensive?
  9. confused1000

    VOX Amps

    No way... I've been looking for a decent priced AC30 1x12 for the last 2 months... where'd you buy yours? Did you pay full price?
  10. Not sure if this helps but this is what I use... http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/
  11. Hey Biggie, I nearly pssd myself the first time I saw your avatar... where'd it come from?
  12. Any of you drummers? ...and in NYC?
  13. Just curious as to who else plays and instrument or is in a band? ...I play guitar with a band
  14. Have you seen this: http://www.fulltank.tv/zune.html
  15. Thanks for the replies lads. Anyone else have experience with DVD hardware compression?
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