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  1. Greets Mographers... I used to lurk here a bit, have fond memories, etc... Anyway, I'm here to get some motion graphics all up in your websites. As some of you may know, current versions of WebKit-powered browsers (Safari, Chrome) have shipped with support for CSS3 Animations, which defines a keyframe based approach to animating web page elements inside a browser. Combining that with the available 3d transformations, I have started to realize my dream of building a simplified adaptation of the best parts of After Effects as a web application. So far, I've got a basic live prototype - it just does boxes and text so far, but good stuff like gradients, rounded borders, box and text shadows, fonts, and keyframing are all in there. There's much more that I haven't implemented, like easing ("freaking") keyframes, masks, images / audio / video... Those are all coming. The best thing about it that I like is the very quick and easy way you can create a layout and then get down and animate all your elements. I've designed the interface to let you focus on the design and content, with an emphasis on "getting out of your way and letting you work" Anyway, here's the goods: http://edit-room.com As mentioned, this crazy advanced stuff currently only works in webkit browsers, so if you click that link in Firefox or whatever, it will totally look crazy and not make any sense. That landing page animation and the button style is one good example of the kind of things that can be done... If any of you would like to check it out, please drop feedback and questions in this thread! Putting in your email is totally optional, there are direct links on the page there to the editing screen, but if you do put your email in, you'll be among the first to know when I push new features. Thanks! Kevin
  2. Use iMovie (08). Seriously. You'll need to import right off the camera's memory card (or a SD reader) if you didn't copy the entire folder structure off the camera. You can also make a disk image of the memory card and mount that, and iMovie will import them. If you didn't save the whole folder stucture, there are ways to do it in PC land... Here's a thread that google found: http://www.pana3ccduser.com/showthread.php?t=17738 Good luck...
  3. Sheeeit, i had to actually login to comment on this... HILARIOUS WOULD READ AGAIN
  4. The neat thing that I like to use Motion for is it's particle effects (as was mentioned), which you can then render out and use in AE! I like to think of it as a complimentary tool, not a replacement. The new templating features where you can have a motion template, use in Final Cut, and be able to edit text in that motion template right in Final cut... Well, that's dope...
  5. Cool, thanks for the suggestions all.
  6. Ok, thanks for the suggestion, will give it a shot.
  7. Hey Peeps - Working on some composited footage that i've got to hand off to an editor, the green screen footage was capped in uncompressed 10-bit, I want to send it back highest quality, but let the editor decide which clips to put in behind my composites (there's a virtual set with a "screen" behind the actor), so I want to provide an alpha channel as well. Problem is QuickTime's uncompressed 10-bit codec doesn't have an alpha, and any of the usual alpha channel codecs I use have a noticable (by me anyway) drop in quality. I'm doing the key in Final Cut (6.01, studio 2), editor is working in FCP 5. Footage capped with a Kona LSe from a Beta deck. Any suggestions super appreciated! -Kev
  8. dude, i'm impressed, what you talkin about?
  9. thx Sermon... Yeah, agree with that - have to take some time and do more interesting stuff. This board has been a big inspiration so far... How does everyone like the work I've got so far? Any comments - I know "corporate" is kinda a bad word around here, but I've got some decent creative freedom here, we've got "Brand Guidelines" but they're for print, so I'm just rocking out whatever I can get away with...
  10. Thanks raven, that makes sense. I'll have to see what I can get where I am located, it's probably going to be similar work.
  11. Howdy mographers... long time daily lurker, known to chime in occasionally... So it's time, I'm trying to get a new website up, and want to get some freelance mograph work from it. Right now i'm fulltime in an internal video/multimedia department at a largish corporate place. This is where I've pushed myself to go from static web design and web programming with a knowledge of how After Effects works, to starting to think of myself as an animator, over the past 4 years. The bummer is that i've got no other recent work, other than for my company. How does this look to prospective clients? How does my reel work so far? Link: Splat Collision Industries - Reel Don't hold back! Do I need to throw in some older and not as tight work that happens to have other corporate bits in there? Comp some stuff up for other companies just for the reel? Ok, thanks for the replies all.
  12. Ben - Nice effort, good for you for posting it! Yeah, same like above, some clips have some good potential in there, lots is like OMG public access, but there's a place for that in the world... Try to learn as much as you can about visual design and animation history, seems like an internship would be in your reach, but others might have a better idea about that. (I'm one to talk - haven't put up my reel yet, will start a thread later...)
  13. hey look! Replicator! I'll say 1 layer, Alex... (2 with the bkgd)...
  14. ... Now that's cool. Please tell us more of these goodies! :H
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