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  1. No problem, I'll return when the party matures. Ask a simple question get alot of childish answers. peace
  2. my portfolio is not on line. 27
  3. I was not asking people to tell me how much they make... I was asking what are normal rates.... Some people work in combustion, AE, Shake, Fusion...etc. I was just wondering whats the point where its to low and what's the high end. Most designers know of people that on the high end get xx amount of monies and on the low end we all hate those guys that underbid us by charging a little more than min wage right. There's got to be an average somewhere. I've even know of flash animators making $75 p/h....yeah I know.
  4. One guy at the local nycmg.org told me it's about $75.00 per hour for someone who does not know 3D but does AE, but some say thats way low.
  5. There seems to be alot of different types of motiongraphics individuals out there, but I have a question pertaining to the New York and west coast arenas. What do mograph designers make? By that I mean the person who designs the stuff and animates it. It seems so many I know people get handed a photoshop file and have at it.... I'm sure there are alot of variables but when you roll into a shop as a freelancer, should you be at $95.00 per hour or...should you be at $1800.00 per day...Basically out of all this yack whats the average in these to locals for a person who can create and animate?
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