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  1. Thanks for the reply and the tips. I will try out the mp4 / one of the players - d
  2. Hi, Does anyone know a workaround to get quicktime working in a chrome browser... I recently noticed the quicktime movies on my site do not work in chrome. So I did a little research and it seems like chrome browsers have stopped supporting quicktime. anyone else notice this? I'm not really into switching to vimeo to host my movies to embed in my site... anyone have any alternative suggestions? thanks - d
  3. dmc


    With promax happening now, I thought it might be interesting to start a discussion about awards, pros and cons... How does everyone feel about awards in general? With entry fees for some of the awards it cuts out alot of the smaller studios, therefore, do they actually represent the industry... Anyone have any thoughts? - d
  4. dmc

    Crit School

    Interesting idea, although something tells me its going to take you a while to go through the application process... good luck with it, it would be good to hear how it works out. - d
  5. Not sure if you found this, it sounds like the short made by a directing team called Bif from the Mill http://motionographer.com/2007/06/09/raymond/ thanks - d
  6. I just saw these swatch ads on tv, I was wondering if anyone knows who has done them. thanks -d
  7. Thanks for sharing, thats really interesting. I'm new to c4d and I was just wondering is it possible to animate the 'fixed points' around the outside of the web? Or maybe attach the fixed points to other objects? so it reacts with the other animated objects. - d
  8. Also, if you decide to do a concept/storyboard, get them to sign off/agree before starting production.
  9. As a freelancer I would never do pitch work or design/boards for free, no matter how good the project. I cannot believe people actually agree to do this, it just seems like bad practice to me. Why encourage it? -d
  10. I was just wondering if anyone in the uk/europe has this late fee percentage stated aswell, any info appreciated. -d
  11. dmc

    New Website + New Reel

    Oi, tudo bem? is that right? its been a while since I was in brazil... Your sites looking good, easy to use etc, here's a couple of thoughts... Other people have mentioned the text on your site, I just think its a fraction too blurred, maybe a little more kerning would help... On the reel, you have a few little 'fillers' which kinda pull it down a bit quality wise, although overall its really good, nice textures and illustration. - d
  12. I like it too, looks like you had some fun with it. So what are the cartoon refs? I'm thinking... ulysees, lost city of gold, battle of the planets??? although maybe I got the titles of the cartoons wrong... haha -d
  13. dmc

    Mac's play WMV's?

    Just extra thought, not really related though... you could try Perian to play various formats in quicktime - flv's etc... - d
  14. Some of those courses seem interesting... How the structure? As the term has already started I was wondering, do the tutors set tasks for each week, making it kinda tricky to play catch up/get feedback? Or is it easy to just jump in and start anytime? Any thoughts from the people already on the courses would be appreciated. thanks - d
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