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  1. Nice work. Any chance you uploaded this is on vimeo?
  2. Just refreshed my site with a new design and a new reel. www.Iheart2d.com More importantly, since i built the new site on Wordpress, I'm offering the theme as a free download in my about section. http://www.iheart2d.com/?page_id=2 the theme has some customizable features, like being able to change the background image for each post-- but more importantly- it's easy to update and the design is specifically built for showing reels and work. enjoy Mike
  3. Hey, here's a quick video I shot last week with my buddy edison. The yellow box is a open source sampler ( http://www.monome.org ) that he built himself. Shot with a canon HF10, edited in after effects, colored with Magic Bullet Looks http://www.vimeo.com/1443657 green screen removal http://www.vimeo.com/1444677
  4. g-moe

    I heart 2D

    I did go to the academy, graduated in 2006 with a masters in vfx( but i mainly focused on integrating vfx and motiongraphics).. Funny thing is that I'm now teaching the advanced motiongraphics course, which i took as a student in just two years ago..
  5. g-moe

    I heart 2D

    This is great feedback.. Never thought about not using the greenscreen.. but it makes total sense. I think I did that cause I would see it on VFX reels all the time, and I got into motiongraphics by way of VFX.. good to know.. thanks again for the feedback -Mike
  6. g-moe

    I heart 2D

    Hey everyone, I just posted a new reel, and redesigned my site. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks Mike I heart 2D reel
  7. yeah-- i actually like the old logo and old bags better too-- i never quite understood 'snack strong"
  8. Thanks-- The short Cubicle was on DirectTV's channel 101 in dec--- also submitted it to a few festivals--- as well as posting it here on mograph.net- anyone have any advice on the "flickr myspace and youtube" buttons--- i was hesitant to add them - but have seen them on other designer's sites such as Chuck Anderson A band's or artist's myspace page can be a huge promotional tools-- so i was thinking that in the age of social networks - that these links are more common- what do you think? -thanks Mike
  9. oh geez-- yeah i know who brand new school is--- love their work-- a big inspiration of mine-- misread the N for a D thanks fig.A
  10. thanks silatix.. already looking for new music-- any ideas on styles of music that might work-- i tend to stay away from anything house/ techno music realted--- but i'm open to suggestions.. thanks again Mike
  11. Thanks SermonofMockery, I appreciate the feedback-- I think you're right, it does need to be edited tighter, I probably need to cut all the shots in half (at least if not more)-- I'm not familiar with BDS's work - is that blue dog studio? thanks again for taking the time to give me some feedback Mike
  12. The group is called Ratatat-- the song is called Germany to Germany glad you liked it..
  13. thanks Pleaseluggage yeah i agree with you about the music- I watched pauloblob's reel today and noticed the fast pace and fast music. definitely something to work towards.. Thanks for the comments on the illustrated style-- I draw a lot in my notebook during meetings, I just scanned in all my doodles from the last year and used them for the site design and the reel --- its funny to think that I actually used them for something.. will definitely take note of your advice to 15 frame scenes to cut-- the reasons the edits are so long currently is because i don't have a ton of solid work yet- I've only been working a year... again thanks for your advice i truly appreciate it. Mike
  14. Hey everyone, I would love some feedback on my reel if you have a few minutes to spare... www.iheart2d.com thanks so much Mike
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