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  1. Hello Mograph community! Brand new out from your pals over here at Renderfeed, we have recently launched a new service that we wanted to let the community know about… Introducing Renderfeed On Demand. With competitive pricing and now more computers than ever, get your projects rendered quickly at your convenience! With On Demand you can use our simple and easy to use plugin that has recently been upgraded to Cinema 4D R15 and VRAYforC4D 1.8! Now you can render whenever you want without have to reserve machines in advance. Check out packages and pricing at www.renderfeed.com on the new On Demand page. We will also be keeping our popular Renderfeed Reserved if that work flow fits into your schedule / project. Thanks Mograph community, keep up the awesome work and we look forward to helping you get your jobs done quickly and easily in the future! -Patrick
  2. Top of the year to you all! Just a quick update, Renderfeed has been added as an official VRAYforC4D render farm! We here at Renderfeed are excited to be included and look forward to helping the VRAYforC4D users get their jobs done quickly, easily and at an affordable cost! Also there is a promotion still to receive 10% off all subscriptions running at the moment. Sign Up Coupon Code: 3A14A5EE92 Cheers everyone -Renderfeed
  3. Hey Mographers! Wanted to let you all in on a special we are having through the end of the 2011 exclusively for mograph.net users and members. Christmas is coming early this year here at Renderfeed! From now until the new year get 10% off on all new subscriptions. This coupon will work whether you want to render for a day, a week or 3 months! It is also compatible with Dedicated or Shared render farms. Check out the products and prices on our site HERE and let us help you get your renders done in time to soak up the yuletide joy and not miss the Christmas Feast! Sign Up Coupon Code: 3A14A5EE92 Cheers everyone, happy rendering! -Renderfeed
  4. Hello Mograph community Just wanted to drop a line and let you know what we have been up to over here at Renderfeed. We are always continuing to improve and tighten up the service. Recently we have upgraded out internet to give users up to 5 times faster upload and download speeds, making Renderfeed quicker than ever! Also our plugin and render farm were updated to run with Cinema4D R13, so now you can use the new physical renderer and other features in the R13 upgrade. There is also a new section on our web site showing off the laundry list of grade A clients that have subscribed including The Mill, Google, Toch Studios and much more. Check it out here: http://renderfeed.com/about/clients/ A new gallery section has been added showing off projects that have been rendered on our farm and you can check that out here: http://renderfeed.com/about/gallery/ Thank to all that have subscribed and we look forward to helping you get your renders done quickly in the future! -Renderfeed www.renderfeed.com
  5. Cheers Everyone! Currently we started a promotion at Renderfeed where you can enter to win 3 Days of rendering on a 15 node/ 90 CPU renderfarm for free! A value of $450.00, just enter to win here: http://renderfeed.promoboxx.com/ Glad to hear that people are digging the service so far. We are continuing to work at making Renderfeed a quick and easy solution for Cinema4D remote rendering. All the feed back is greatly appreciated. Best of luck, as always we are looking forward to helping you get your renders out quick and easy! -Patrick
  6. The 24 Hour option is set up as a 90 CPU dedicated farm. If you click through to the sign up page there is a calendar with availability. Thanks! -Patrick
  7. Thanks again for the feedback. A 24hr option has been added. If you would like to try it out before you buy, email us at (contact at renderfeed dot com) Cheers -Patrick
  8. Hey Monkey! Been a long time, this is Patrick Scruggs, we worked together in NYC at Perception on that Marvel Title sequence. Hope all is well with you Thanks for checking out the site and taking the time to do the math. I double checked the numbers and corrected the errors. The method you used to calculate your math still will not work for the Dedicated Nodes option, it will for the shared. The Dedicated Node Renderfarm is a bit trickier in the way it is priced out. The short of it is that as the customer purchases more nodes, they save money. They also save money if they commit for a longer time. The formula of (Ax2-B = savings) doesn't work. It is actually (Ax2-B-Additional savings = savings). Renderfeed is a venture between me and a friend. We have been working together, along with a couple others to bring this service to the Cinema4D community. We both did all the web site design, promotional video, computer configuration, built custom computer racks, networking and back end web services. (Along with a lot of other stuff!) Hope all is well with you out in NYC! -Patrick
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Setting up an option for a single day render farm sounds great. If you want to try our Renderfeed for a couple of days, contact us (contact at renderfeed dot com) and we would be happy to set you up with an account free of charge. Also if you are running Cinema4D R12 you can check out the plugin. Definitely makes online rendering much easier and hopefully adds value to the service! -Patrick
  10. Hey Mograph! Longtime lurker, first time posting in a long while A buddy of mine and myself have been working a while on making a good looking, simple and powerful online renderfarm exclusively for Cinema4D users. It is called Renderfeed and features a free plugin that allows you to submit and manage your render queue right inside of Cinema4D We just got all our ducks in a row today and thought I would let cha know! The web address is www.renderfeed.com . We also got together a little introduction video at . Check it if you are interested and have a great weekend! -Patrick
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