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  1. weikee

    Gay Marriage

    i don't think its got anything to do about you being less 'liberal' mate. you're probably more christian and god-fearing (and homo-fearing) and less 'conservative'. maybe you could make a 'visual essay' and some kinetic type about your opposition to this issue. and stop being superstitious and a bit more tolerant.
  2. imagine 8 years of al gore instead of the bush administration.. would this still be happening? it seems that economies closely industrially and commercially aligned to china (germany, sweden, australia etc) have weathered this storm reasonably well so moving to china might be an option. the real estate markets in these economies are also fundamentally different from the situation in the us and i guess in europe, to the most degree uk and spain. the middle east and growing economies like china and india will come out of this a lot stronger which might be a good thing in the long run.
  3. there's light & shadow on duxton hill in singapore; http://www.lns.com.sg/ probably a few more that do more traditional broadcast mograph. lucasarts have a 3d animation studio there too.
  4. weikee

    the first one

    i think its a good start, keep developing your own style, 3d skills looks like they're coming along nicely. some stuff maybe looks close to some tutorials (mograph sound cubes, riotgear tv noise), id get rid of those.
  5. weikee


    super cool... sehr gutt. the world needs more of this and less sneakers and sugarwater ads
  6. weikee


    Italy looked decent even losing 0-3 to a supertotal offence Holland. Portugal look strong but I'd hold the German mannschaft machine as a personal pick to win it. Spain to go out in quarterfinal penalty shootout heartbreak. Sweden are a dark horse if Zlatan finds form up front and has a perfect partner in Henke Larsson.
  7. its called the voice and based in scandinavia and bulgaria i think. thevoice.eu
  8. i just find it a bit lazy and without a doubt uninspired to make a video with arguably the biggest name in hip hop attached and then bash it out with a 100 quid plugin preset slapped behind some greenscreen footage. form does some amazing things but here its just plain bad. i'm sure they used the lovestoned video as a ref as mentioned above as well.
  9. some are made in-house, more or less juiced up renders from a game's engine, ie the non in fame footage you'll see in some game trailers and so forth. this company does a pretty good job of creating more motion graphics heavy cut scenes for games, in particular the call of duty series http://www.spov.tv/ would be interesting to hear of similiar companies and propositions though
  10. season 2 starting on july 27th. i'm ambivalent about the titles, i like portions of it but i feel let down by what could've been amazing, and is an interesting embyro, turned out rather average.
  11. weikee

    Indiana Jones

    i liked the waterfalls though. but yeah, much like narnia 1 the grading felt like HBO-classics. but the big question is - how will the mummy 3 stack up to this? ;-)
  12. just came across this video on the tv in my local gym with some heavy use of trapcode form and the standard presets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1y4fjuT6nE poor. there's another one with loads of shine on rotation too. my gym is run by three turkish brothers, so the tv is constantly on a turkish hiphop channel, which means that inbetween all of these american hiphop videos with trapcode theres lots of local cheapish tv ads with even more (bad) trapcode.
  13. took me a while to figure out the fn + f4 combo in ae8 on mac but doesnt bother me as much now. on another note, has anyone had problems with the keyboard and trackpad freezing on macbook pros? mine kept freezing, had to continously reset pram until i updated to leopard and installed keyboard firmware update. at which point it seized to work completely.
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