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  1. Also just make sure how your rendering it out that the codec or file fomate supports alpha channels.
  2. I've worked on stuff for the NFL network and the materials have a color, reflection and specular turned on for most of the stuff. And to get the shiney highlight is just a reflection card. Depending on the scene you can have 1-3 lights and you might want to turn off specular on one and turn it down. We haven't run across anything that needs GI turned on.
  3. i think California is a "Right to Work State". They have no say on if you can or can't do freelance work. And you don't have to answer "what are you making now question" just tell them what you want for a salary. Just look around on the web about the right to work stuff. I've also never work anywhere around LA at had a no freelance clause, so i've never looked into it.
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