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  1. New show reel of my past work mostly created between 2013-2014.
  2. New show reel for 2014 which showcases my work from the past year or two. Most of the content is from going freelance in February of 2013.
  3. Just pushed out my new 2013 Show Reel. http://vimeo.com/58104304
  4. Ah man thank you so much... i'm so glad I came back and checked out this post!
  5. Yep... you can just rename them and easily just do a search in the timeline to pull up the ones you want instead of relying on colors
  6. Fantastic reel along with a song I love... not sure why Binky is so picky but you have a great reel here!
  7. snow leopard or mountain lion i would say
  8. I am having the same problem that you are having. It's like sometimes i have to hit shift like 5 or more times before it pops up(if it does at all). Not sure if it has to do with my retina display or could be a problem with mountain lion.
  9. I was looking to have it just change once. I'll do some searching for a python script and hopefully find something. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking make an spline/object go to a random position in the x and y axis using xpresso. So the setup is I have a user data of a integer for my random seed and then just a boolean that when it is checked it just go to a random position between like (-100 to 100 in the x and y) based on the seed. Pretty sure this is possible but I'm not sure how to come up with the random position. I'm guessing it is just a node that I have never used. Anyways hopefully this is pretty simple for someone to answer for me. Thanks!
  11. I'm looking for some help with this xpresso. So lets say I have a text object that has the word "hello" in it. What would I need to do in xpresso to get letter #2 by itself(which is 'e') so I can have that letter be the text of another text object? I am pretty sure this would need a custom coffee thing but I am clueless. Thanks
  12. 14000 views in 7 years nice
  13. I am pretty sure this is not possible with xpresso in c4d but it would be awesome if I am wrong and someone could help me out. I am looking to figure out what time the last keyframe is on in a null object and if thats not possible what about the first keyframe? So an example would be I have a keyframe on frame 2 frame 5 and frame 10 just moving in space. and I would just like in xpresso to get that the last keyframe on the null is frame 10 and the first keyframe on the null is on the 2nd frame. thanks
  14. butler

    2012 Show Reel

    heres a direct link if it doesn't show up below http://vimeo.com/37180421
  15. Saw this on tv yesterday and posted it on twitter yesterday and figured I might as well post it on here too since it had some nice 2d animation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGp3fRrNDoY
  16. wow this video is a classic... great to walk down memory lane
  17. Another easy work around would be just to post your FULL reel under a secret link or website or have a password to access it and give it out to any place you are applying to/interviewing for/freelancing possibility/etc. Then just have an edited one without that content on your website or wherever you are putting it.
  18. thats unfortunately my only choice that I am I guess going to have to go with. I really isn't working the way I would like it to but maybe I can screw around with it longer and find belt setting to make it work.
  19. So I am trying to basically patch a specific part of a cloth I guess would be the easiest way to describe it. I have a cloth that I want parented to another cloth. So if the parent cloth moves a little in the specific area the child cloth is the child cloth would move basically in the same position as the parent is. Kind of how a patch is on a piece of clothing or a sticker on a piece of clothing. Is this possible to do in c4d? anyone know? Thanks Butler
  20. Yeah I was pretty sure that this was not possible. Good to get confirmation for not being able to do this
  21. No unless you get permission from apple. Easiest way for you to do it would be remove the apple logo and remove the little square button symbol on the front and you should be 100% legal.
  22. Agg I wish I would have read this a few days ago. Just had a problem importing the aec file into CS3 for some reason... oh well.
  23. Damn I was just about to post this on here lol
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