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  1. I believe they're now included in C4D--in R19 they're in Presets/Broadcast/presets/Light Setups
  2. Damn lookit all these oldskool headz! Shoutout to Zack--thanks for bringin' it back!
  3. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!! Seriously though, a pissing contest with a bunch of strangers is one of the quickest ways to destroy what dubious credibility your organization may or may not have, especially if you're playing ball on the strangers' court. That's internets 101 for real...
  4. Making of (scene by scene): http://blog.jibjab.com/the-making-of-never-a-year-like-09/ great find--the scene breakdown is practically a short course in stopmo.....
  5. Harry, you're a beast. I'm in.
  6. Harry, you're a beast. I'm in.
  7. Superfly has some pretty dope multiframe sequences similiar to what you're looking for-
  8. 10 feet tall and bulletproof--incredible work!!!
  9. Pretty solid work. The Blackbird Studios animation was my fave. Good stuff!
  10. Venice street peeps would take 'em in a cage match any day...
  11. Works for me...missed the last one on a deadline, won't flake this one....
  12. drnz


    I can't wait to spring the logo resize on someone....
  13. A month at Lynda.com is about the same cost as a book. I've been working through the Cinema 4D section and it's pretty solid...
  14. You have a point...but the consistent refusal by Apple AND Adobe to acknowledge the very real need for backwards compatibility in industry standard apps eg FCP and Creative Suite can only be interpreted as either arrogant, lazy, greedy, or inconsiderate, none of which could be considered best business practices. Shit like this makes me a piracy advocate...
  15. What a ballbreaker. Thanks, Apple.
  16. tasty....pun definitely intended...
  17. http://www.chimoosoft.com/products/tubetv/
  18. is steady hustlin'

  19. drnz

    art & copy

    Directed by Doug Pray? I'm there....
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