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    intel i7

    If that's eating vomit, puke me up a second helping. It's delicious.
  2. A bangin workstation with an intel i7. An HD broadcast monitor (if you can afford it). If not, then an Eizo monitor.
  3. Miguel Salek does a lot of fx work for psyop. http://www.msalek.com/offline/ Not sure if this one is on his reel, but it is likely that he had a hand in it.
  4. um- it has no ability to distort an object in 3d space- (like extended bicubics on the Flame). At least some basic geometry to project textures on would be nice, or the ability to import simple models from 3D apps. Nuke and Fusion have some of these abilities, and so does Flame. Also- I heard that proper camera controls using all three mouse buttons are finally coming to AE. This is something AE has needed for a long time. Shake has an "endless canvas" that means you will never have to expand the bounds of an object higher up the node tree. In AE language, that means not needing to make a precomp bigger to extend it's edges. Shake also has the ability to concatenate color effects, treating them as one. This means you will retain all image data through multiple color operations. AE renders slow as all hell compared to any other major compositing app. Would be nice to render in command shell without opening the software, like Maya can. And btw- I create with nodes all the time. Layers, too. Both are good tools.
  5. http://www.google.com/search?q=invoice+tem...lient=firefox-a depending upon where you live, you can charge a late fee after a certain amount of time. I know in NY it is 30 days, after which I believe it's a 1.5% late fee. http://www.work.com/charging-interest-and-late-fees-855/
  6. Finally! The clothes I've been wearing since high school will be back in style.
  7. some of the color on the composite is a bit odd- sidewalk feels really blue compared to the lion
  8. I might look a bit foolish wearing baggy pants in old pictures, but thank god I'm not squeezing my grapes in those tight pants. They look a bit, um, feminine for my taste.
  9. There is a "post scale" setting in Maya that is useful for this, maybe there is something similar in this application?
  10. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=247
  11. Um... I think you are almost a decade late. CG cloth is nothing new.
  12. Unfortunately, this workaround is totally impossible for after effects (just open an after effects file in a text editor and you'll see why). Even for maya, this was hit and miss, and if you were using any features new to the more recent version, the file would just never open no matter what. Now that I think about it, Adobe Illustrator allows for saving legacy versions, although sometimes this would mess with any new feature-related objects.
  13. In no way is asking permission to display work shortchanging your career. It shows respect for your client, for the contract you agreed to, and a mature business sense. The path to "shortchanging your career" would be to display it without seeking a release from your client. It's likely to go unnoticed, but could damage your working relationship with your client if it becomes an issue.
  14. Do your co-workers own the production company? Are they signing your paychecks? No? Then stop asking them for permission that they haven't got the authority to grant. Ask the company owner, or a high-level producer. Get permission in an email, from a staff member of the company. They will have someone make you a data dvd with an uncompressed quicktime, possibly with their company logo on the bottom right corner.
  15. A lot of the work looks very "90's." And there are too many colors used on the web page design- hope your new page has a better color scheme.
  16. 1. Nice work. Professional presentation. I liked it. Be sure to include the fact that your partnership directed these projects. 2. Do you like the name? If you are building a business, it will become your identity. Sounds like you are having second thoughts. I think it's fine, and I like the fingerprint logo.
  17. Why is this question always coming up? I don't know of any software that has this kind of reverse-engineered compatibility.
  18. Adobe- are you paying attention? This is the kind of stuff we want. Stuff that makes the program better and easier to use. Not some gay cartoon filter.
  19. Another thing to remember: It is in the producer's best interest to maintain good relationships with artists. It's easier to book people if you are on good terms with all the skilled freelancers. Otherwise, you burn every good connection and are stuck working with the bottom of the barrel artists who can't get work elsewhere. Besides, we all talk to each other, and we know which producers we won't work for again.
  20. A big agency tends to hire a production company, who has a team of designers, editors, animators, compositors, producers, etc. Sometimes the concept is born at the agency, sometimes it's the production company who finds a nice direction while pitching on the project. Either way, it's up to the agency to make their client happy- so they are calling the shots in the end.
  21. You've now got two possible ways to deliver- premultiplied, or straight with sep. alpha. Choose one- or deliver both.
  22. yeah it sounds like he had a bad experience. I know what that's like- I've had bad experiences and worked with shitty people before. The only thing in your power to do is to respond maturely, learn from the experiences, and build relationships of trust. The fact is, there are a lot of good people out there. Sometimes bad things happen. How you respond makes a huge difference in how the situation affects you.
  23. The point is- I can't (and don't try) to control what other people do- but I can choose my own decisions. So I don't worry about what someone else may say, because inside I know that I am a man of integrity.
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