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  1. Welcome to motion graphics! Were only 1% of the people actually design and the rest copy and do production.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/design.for.ent/ Facebook group for main titles, trailers (movie and games), FUI and similar mograph stuff. No jobs posts please. Check it out.
  3. I believe it was Buddha Jone. Or maybe Deva? http://buddha-jones.com http://www.devastudios.com
  4. I have heard you always book yourself first then all other holds become challenges. So if they really want to book you they are challenging? Which; I guess makes it more serious? Yeah, I can see their side. They don't know if they will win a job, things move so quickly and they want to lock up the talent. But the cost of the freelance economy.
  5. http://www.mattfrodsham.com/octane/ Pretty sweet octane rig.
  6. Has anyone used this? http://www.vmware.com/products/thinapp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMware_ThinApp
  7. I would love to see features added to AE that are in the AE script realm become native or AE open up more hooks so more AE Scripts can be created. I love AE scripts. I would love to be surprised by how fast AE is... just one time. Most of the day I type cards for movie trailers and I wonder why is this shit so slow. It is live type witha basic bitch glow. What is the deal. I know it might be my set up, my fucking mac or my server or something on my end. I wish AE would figure out what the problem was and just fix it...jesus. Like in the movie HER the computer does fucking something for you! Or liek Zbrush were it optimizes the performaced based on you setup. Or make AE a lot harder to use so things take longer and then American jobs won't be outsourced. Pick one.
  8. I have a PC with 1 TB Drive, 2 TB Drive, Mac Formatted 3 TB Drive, 1 TB external transport Drive and 500 GB Transport. I am looking to reduce all the duplicate projects and organize all my stuff. I want to consolidate all the drives onto a huge NAS. Can anyone recommend a NAS they like? I am thinking it can be a place to get everything organized and then just keep active jobs on the other faster drives. Do you guys think a WD Cloud is any good? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KU686L4/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_AS9Kub0TSJ802 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ITI054G/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_Y49Kub1Z8G1E http://amzn.com/B00BNI4DR4 Thanks for any tips.
  9. This looks great and the price is right. I should have bought Octane while it was low.
  10. Well part of me wants a low power server that is fast enough to work off of. So that would either be a NAS or Server. I was looking at this external RAID just because that is what I have always seen as far as a "RAID Setup" Internal RAIDS seem fine. With the Mac Pro you only had 3 open drive bays after the start-up so most people would use and external solution (4 drives) and if it needed to be worked on it could just be taken away or swapped out.
  11. Yep we are switching to PC too. Font management seems to be biggest issue. I wish Apple would make it easier to load OS X on any hardware. I haven't tried hackintosh yet and IT at work is not even going to try it. Is Window 7 still the main install? Some people love Windows 8. Any recommendation as far as RAID set up for PC? http://www.rosewill.com/products/20/160/334/0000/series.htm Is this all you need and fast drives?
  12. The best thing is to form a Mograph Union before we all end up living in Canada like all the VFX guys. We have the union deal with clients, set the wage, hours worked, provide benefits and pensions. When you find yourself rendering out changes at 2 am it will sound better than a day rate that some how lasts 18 hours.
  13. In the Octane manual it says the set-up for Cards. I think I will use any available card to render.
  14. http://lesterbanks.com/2014/08/major-rendering-advancements-store-isotropix-clarisse-ifx-2-0/ http://www.isotropix.com/index.php?to=products&productid=1&view=clarisse What is this program? It seems amazing!!!
  15. If Adobe CC embraced this it would be awesome! or it is pretty sad. Companies will just buy these, hire the cheapest labor they can find from around the world and race to the bottom. Do you really think they will pay you to sit on the beach and phone shit in? How will a producer stand behind you and say hurry up.
  16. I was at DMALA lastnight and everyone raised their hands when Todd asked "if people would like to halt new features in favor or performance. Hopefully this happens over the next year is the timeline." Adobe Anywhere sounds interesting. I also wonder how powerful the HTML 5 can be. I am not really a coder, but what kind of things can this do besides Kuler? Can you have a mySQL database inside an AE panel so you can see EDL type stuff or track versions of comps? Like a Perforce database? Could a producer render your comps from a web browser remotely to avoid having to go in to the office? Will the new scriptable Render queue stuff allow for more ??? I have no idea. I have some feature request ideas. I would love to see a timeline for the next 3 years of AE dev. I love CC, thumbs up to the payment model. I never bought any Adobe product before this. Why drop $3000 when you can drop $30 a month and get everything, tech support, typekit, behance prosite and basic cloud storage. I hope more people jump on CC and prey that drives the cost down. They are also able to release updates and features faster because they don't have to legally ship it with what is listed on the box. They explained it once at DMALA. If you think Adobe is expensive go to Flame, Nuke or Fusion 7 for After Effects. I am sure they're other products for imaging, publishing & web. Try working on in-House tools that a company makes; like a game company or vfx house. You will fork over that CC fee real quick.
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/youtube-video-game-star-pewdiepie-earns-4-million-per-year/1100-6420544/ Get youtube Famous!
  18. Honestly, I just listened to it on the drive home. The video went so fast that it was pointless to follow along and I found it more useful to just listen to your sweet voice. So Podcast! There is the Collective Podcast and then I also love listening to Adventures in Design. I really love both of these podcasts. But for me an hour is all I have patience for. Some podcast are 3 hours! I think if you just talk for 45 min to 1 hour then post some pictures or maybe a section that shows a technique. That would be golden. I think the Collective has the unscripted interview covered. AID podcast is funny and is more related to poster art. The thing I really like about AID is that it is 3 guys joking around and talking shop. If you just cover, pitching style frames, finding inspiration, theory, & thought process for mograph. I think if you did one a month too that would be awesome. It might be cool to freestyle with a couple other people.
  19. That is great! Keep them coming!
  20. http://mattciaglia.tumblr.com/ Here is my Tumblr where I have been posting various experiments and everyday style projects. Check it out!
  21. Apple needs to release OS X that can run on any hardware. Like Google. Yes I know they make all their money from hardware. Mainly iPhones, Laptops and iMacs. And for most people they would never think to buy a Mac hardware then load Windows on it. That just isn't what normal people do. I know there is hackintosh but it seems like there is a disconnect since it isn't officially supported by Apple. Try selling your boss or IT guy on buy a PC and run "Hack"in anything and watch there butts pucker up. The word Hack alone is enough to end that idea. For what they spent to make the new Mac pro they could have modified OSX for the Pro market and charged a fee to run it on PC hardware and still been better off. But that is a crazy Microsoft move. A version of Windows for every Business sector. Eventually all this stuff will be ran off the cloud. Only thing holding it back is American internet speed and clients fear of security leaks. Look at Octane Brigade (Eric Schmidt from google is on the board of directors) and Lagoa.
  22. Yeah for free, why not try it out. If it takes programming python to write a metal shader - forget it. I was looking at the GUI that is $495 and it says for maya. So maybe it isn't even in the realm of c4d users. I was about to pull the trigger and buy the Octane render, but they price is the same. So I am going to wait and see. Maybe this will for Vray to come down. We'll see in August.
  23. http://renderman.pixar.com/view/non-commercial I know C4D has had the ability toi use Renderman as a render engine for a whiel now. $495 is what Octane render costs, but will renderman be as easy to set up? We have until August, it woudl be great if we coudl get a series of preset materials, lighst and projects going so the C4D community can full embrace it. Here is a primer:
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