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  1. Hello everyone, I've just published a 360 video from After Effects. What do you think? xoxoxo
  2. It never gets old. You know facebook and other social networks can I ask myself the same questions. And i'm trying not to become a negative person, specially if I'm trying to teach someone who dreams about making an animation. But the idea to reach 40's qith some security is something to worry about. But I also belive life takes care of us as long as we don't screw things. What I mean is, we are hardworkers, all of us. And we will probably find something to do on our 40's. You know mintyfresh our realm is really full of traps and oportunities. Yesterday I was talking to a long time friend who I lost contact for the past years. He was running a web studio back in 1996 then he moved to politics( a Senator adivser) and today he is working with Recruitment for big companies. We had a loooooooooong conversation about career and life. He is 34, has a kid and is going through the same dilema as us. It was confortable to hear someone who is trully honest about his mistakes and perspectives. It was an interesting conversation that I had to share with you so you know we are on the same boat.
  3. I was back online today. Writen words can do wonders.
  4. Hey Binky. This way to think about a career really made me feel more confortable to try something new. The idea of failing on another field was slowing me down to try something different in my life. Thanks a lot man for the time to write about this.
  5. So true. I indeed didn't had look that my ego was getting hurt for not been the "superstar" kid anymore. This is really painful to admit but it is the truth. LA makes you feel that way, it seems like anything out of that city is worth a dime. It works like a drug addiction, once you experiment it it is hard to get way of this kind of thoughts. I'm gonna work on this ego x happiness dilema. Since I moved to my hometown I have not been able to work on great proejcts anymore but in the other hand, on my personal life I have been happy as motherfucker. Found an awesome girlfriend who supports me on everything, have spent time with my family( I have been away for almost 6 years) and this is the upside of my story. I really heard what your said. Thanks for your input.
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Your words are wise and I read carefully each sentence. The idea of becoming a 65yrs old designer does not cross my mind, not for the lack of love for the art but because where the society in general is heading with consumism and bias media. In the other hand, I have plans to develop digital books with 3D animations, working on short movies... The problem is i need to make a living and I'm really tired of advertising. This is why teaching became a win-win situation on this case. Monday I'm starting this new training at a Tv station and lets see how it goes. Reading the comments here made me think that there's no right or wrong on this case just me doing something that fullfills me as a person. Thanks for your words man.
  7. Thanks for the words man! It really enlighted me regarding teaching.
  8. Hello guys, I have been battling with myself over where to keep working on motion graphics or not. I have 10 years on the road, not as much as you may think but enough to raise some questions. I've lived in Los Angeles for few years and after that I thought I had enough from it. The city was huuge, egos also inflated and for some reason when I was at my best at the time I decided to move back to my hometown. I was burnt, tired and I had a weird feeling that all I was doing was makeup for products/tvshows and not been productive as human being. I know, sounds really weird but that was my thought. I started to wonder how to find energy to keep pushing myself. The idea of becoming a mograph demi-god sounds awesome, doing great work with other great artists it is awesome but still not enough to keep me motivated. In my head things are a bit confusing right now. I decided to write about this because maybe someone else have been through the same situation. After doing the same thing for a long time you forget why you are doing it. Last year I decided that before leaving the mograph field I was going to teach everything that I've learned. It worked for a while, I trained about 20 people and I'm about to start a new training for a tv station in-house team. Teaching is a humble experience and I'm really glad I made that decision. But right now I have fears of becoming a teacher only and disconnecting from the creative realm. I once heard that a teacher is someone who failed at a professional life. I know it is a harsh statement but this is haunting me. Have anyone experienced something like that? or I'm just lil crazy? Sorry to bug you guys with some personal thoughts but as artists we go through some of this shit once in a while. Paulo
  9. Hello Guys, I just published a project called "Maceio on a sunday" : http://www.vimeo.com/29944068 I filmed everything with a cannon 7D and did the post on After effects using Twixtor to slowdown the footage. It's amazing what you can do with that plugin. Paulo <p class="ipsLikeBar right clearfix" id="rep_post_198628" style="margin-top: 10px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; float: right; font-size: 11px; "> Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  10. Nando you are the man!!!!!!!!!!! Are you shipping the frames over to Brazil? Caraca Nando essa idéia é fantástica!!!!!!!
  11. I think it is looking really good
  12. Hello Guys, I just published a project called "Maceio on a sunday" : I filmed everything with a cannon 7D and did the post on After effects. I hope you like it. Paulo
  13. Thanks man!! Do you have the Nike+ project? How big is it? Good to hear from you!
  14. Hey tim!!! Good to see you around here! Everything is good on my end. How is LA? I'm missing downtown
  15. Yes!!! Now we are talking. I agree with ou carey. When you talk about the audience, you are completly right. Sometimes i expect the audience to care as much as i do. And this is an issue Im learning to deal with and translate it to the screen. Thanks a lot carey for your inputs on this Intro it really helped me to get anoher intelligent point of view. Thanks buddy! Hope to see u soon!
  16. the idea of putting all the nicktoons on a sequence is a good one. I will give it a shot and see how it goes with the music. My only concern is that it is an IN and OUT animation for most of the ids which would make everything seems to go back and forward every 2-3s. But I will give it a shot. Regarding the Intro: Carey, I strongly, boldly, disagree with you on that. And before you get me wrong, I will give you some reasons. If you were familiar with Tesla work, you would know his most famous invention, the tesla coil: the image below is his drawing on the patent archive It was from this picture I got the idea to form the circles or as you call it "the white spinning thing" His quote at beginning was just about everything we have been talking about here: Perception. You are using your eyes and ears to make sense out of something that is based on a dream and curiosity. When you say I must convey the idea I say I must not. i'm expecting the viewer to take his own conclusions out of something meant to be an imaginary machine based on Tesla's work even if it fails to pass the concept as it did to you. If you are expecting to see "1+1=2" on this intro you are not getting the first message conceived on the quote and by doing so, you are not looking at it as art. What is left is a "white thing spinning" and information. And Carey again dont get me wrong I love discussing this subject with you. Seriously. I'm not arguing about wether what you are saying is right or wrong but we coming from 2 different points of view. Me presenting the information and you as the viewer. I love you brought that up cause it was my main concern while working on the animation. I was thinking about adding more details, extending the visual information to leave no room for doubt by reproducing a tesla coil but after debating with myself I decided to keep it as simple and minimalist as possible.
  17. A friend told me it was "epic as fuck" lol that left me thinking about it. The game of thrones track is a really good reference but anything with an orchestra behind it would make it sound similar. I was a lil afraid to use ut but decided to move on and see what people would think. Thanks for the feedback man!
  18. Binky, Thanks for the feedback man! I really appreciate! So regarding the nicktoons stuff it was so fucking hard to choose wether should I use it or not cause they choose the logo to be the main character on the hole package wich makes it feel really repetitive... Some people told me about it but I still think it was valid cause they are so different(at least on the backend) from one another that I decided to keep it. Also on the intro side, i was lil afraid to add that quote. People who does not know Nikola Tesla will get lost on that concept. I tried to to just show how Tesla dreamed about his inventions before coming to life. It is not meant to be literally but it was the main concept behind. Good to know it is still confusing but I was trying to make people google for Nikola Tesla, wich was the father of electricity and the creator of the Tesla Coil/machine ( an attempt to give free energy to everyone on earth...) So I tried to make it in someway connected to the spinning circles and the quotes. But it would require the viewer to have researched a bit about Tesla. The breakdown will come soon. I have been working on it! For some reason the details from behance did not go to prosite. I added for some projects but it is not showing, I will fix that soon. And regarding Prosite. I love it! Honestly I always had problems with html stuff and they dont make you edit a single line which is great btw. The connection with behance helps a lot to get your work out there. In my opinion it is working really smooth. You are the man! Thanks for taking so much time writing. I really appreciate! I will keep working on the shotlist for the reel and for each project. It should be done soon!
  19. Hey Dave! Thanks for your reply. Indeed it was a lot of fun to work on the nicktoons project, my head almost burnt out from dealing with particles and mograph on c4d but it was really fun
  20. Hey Guys, I just updated my website: http://www.pauloblob.com . I used prosite.com wich is a great tool for getting your work organized and it has a nice interface. I hope you like it!!
  21. PauloBlob

    Purple Haze

    Hi there, Has been a while, almost an year since I really posted here. A lot happened since them. I finally made the move to LA last june and It has been an awesome experience living in downtown and freelancing around here. LA is an amazing city regarding cultural experience but the traffic here it is awful. I tried to live whiteout a car just riding a bicycle. For 7 months, I honestly tried but it is fucking impossible. It was good to have met, in person, some of you mograph monks since I move to LA. I just finished a new site/reel and finally a boards section. http://www.pauloblob.com/ It is a simple site but I hope you like it the way it displays the information. I used indexhzibit, a really fun software to automate a website. It is free and fun www.indexhzibit.com . (thanks guera for the tip) I hope you like it. Hope to hear from you guys, Best Paulo
  22. I am almost a professional ping-pong player. Almost.
  23. HORRIBLE in every possible way. From concept to execution.
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