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  1. OHG

    2010 Demo Reel

    I would like some feedback please, thanks
  2. OHG

    Photoshop & AE

    It's not working on Pc damn it
  3. OHG

    Photoshop & AE

    you mean click on a layer in photoshop and drag it over to ae? i don't think that's an option. That's what i was looking for, i wish i could write plug-ins
  4. OHG

    Photoshop & AE

    Thanks, i know that, i was just hoping there was an easy drag drop type solution,
  5. I was looking around for an easy way to bring layer from Photoshop to Ae, Is there some sort of plug-in that lets me drag layers from photoshop into After Effects??
  6. OHG

    Wolverine trailer

    I've been looking around but i can't seem to find anything about it, Who did the intro??..
  7. OHG


    Well it's finally done, after almost a year of on and off working on this proyect, I would like to hear comments, it's not photorealistic level but i still would like to know what u guys think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDsxMsksDF0
  8. The Battle of Pc and Mac is still on, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLXbhYfOaRs
  9. Shooting things is always fun.
  10. OHG

    Cat Sh*t One

    that was funny shit, ohh cat shit!!
  11. OHG

    is this Slavery?

    I knew about were our furniture came from, but yesterday morning listening to the radio there was a host on the show that was talking about these companies being owned by the private sector, and the only way to invest on these compaies was trough invitation, and coincidentially the major investors are politicians, judges and etc, No wonder why ppl are going to jail because of a joint and their main entertaintment is lifting weights.
  12. OHG

    is this Slavery?

    Were i work we do buy all furniture from the prissions. http://www.rinf.com/news/oct05/prison.html
  13. Yep still there Kicking and Screaming.
  14. I'll be in Sedalia Missouri next week I'll try to find this place.
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