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  1. Giving you guys headsup. i'm starting with another round of PimpMyLogo. Change this time is i'm only doing 10 but with an aim at much higher complexity & technicality. Feel free to challenge & submit
  2. feniks

    Finally a site

    Yup that's ikke allright
  3. feniks

    Finally a site

    After about 8 years of online absence I finally took some time to put a portfolio together. Feel free to comment http://www.feniks.tv grtz
  4. attach the endvertex to the rigid boy, and set the option to affect the rigid body. Make sure you give mass to the rigidbody.
  5. In meantime, also gave visualart an update. God I love wordpress. Still needs some template tweaking doh. And I'll propably add pimp to the database too. http://www.visualart.be
  6. lol, burn out ? nah, I'm doing this on the side just for fun so I'm not really able to update 4 logos a day all the time
  7. Hey Kas96, tnx for the offer but I allready got a job at my own company here's some bg info in case anyone is interested : http://www.barner.dk/2008/11/pimpmylogo-interview.html#links
  8. Hey guys, i'm currently doing a kind of stunt whereas i'm offering free 3sec logo animations. So if you're interested, send me a logo in vector format and I'll pimp it. No strings attached. http://www.visualart.be/pimpmylogo you can abuse me. Go ahead, I'll be your whore for a while. I wanna get to 100 logo animations.
  9. feniks


    a new year, a new look I thought. Still alot of updating work to do doh, i'm rerendering all the old movies bigger and conform sized. But shoot your thoughts on the overall looks i'd say and there's some new stuff added too http://www.visualart.be
  10. before I forget, happy new year to everyone !
  11. Been a while and did some updates again... In meantime we're working at a cooking section with some nice recipes and a document filled with thoughts and tips.
  12. If you simply link your camera to a dummy you can move your tracked camera around as you wish. I have a collection of tracked motions i'm using from little shakes to extreme lookarounds. But I'd like to see what you've accomplished so far.
  13. Been there like 3 or 4 years ago... There's no real good alternative to that, it always has a special feel, filmed cameramovement.
  14. tnx for the compliments, in meantime added a couple more...
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