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  1. some sneaky soul updated me to 7.4.
  2. After installing cs3 on a few machines at my work, a couple of them are now missing Sorenson 3 and a fwe other normal compressors. anyone got any ideas on how to fix this? We've done a reinstall and that didnt fix. Seems like it would be more of a quicktime thing but my brain has run outta solutions.
  3. a chick that plays wow.... my marriage is in trouble.
  4. perhaps we should change the title of this to WoW Rehab. - 8months of my life headsets in cod4 are a must.
  5. dOUCHEcHILL that name seems familur.
  6. warhawk is pretty bad ass imo. cod4, originally i wasnt feeling it. its hard to once you've been jumping in jeeps, tanks, planes, etc. I dig the c4 and some other the other items. never played the other games mentioned. i'm currently playing legos starwars. its a banger for sure. The review I read of assassins said it was really repetative. you seem happy with it though. anything negative about it? god i hope little big planet doesnt disappoint. PSN = VandalEyes
  7. I'm down by the airport(hapeville ITP). keepin it greasy. Beav speaks the truth. A fair amount of work, not that many freelancers. Andy PM me your reel/contact info, we dont have a huge pool of freelancers to pull from. Beaver, get a ps3 already. Chris refusing to do oldschool WC3 is killing the dynamic.
  8. Monkey, I'll take that and raise you one. In college, for 4 years, I rocked the same pair of disposable contacts, I never took them out to sleep. Never had any problems what so ever. These days I'll rock apair till my allergies bother me at which point i will throw them out. I get check ups every 3-4 years, and my vision hasnt changed in 10 years. Ofcourse when I wake up in the mornings, they are dry and feel like they are stuck to my eyelids, I blink a few times and its all good. Anyone here got lasik, I've been thinking about it.
  9. the only thing that would make it better is if it played MJ's PYT when you went to it. get on that.
  10. um burning crusade. i'll have it today. f shooters ofcourse ut2007 is bananas. dot dot dot fear death
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