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  1. hi all, i've been out of this great site for a loong time... i have recently updated a music video section of my portfolio. its a selection of works form 5 years till present. Have a look!! Gustavo Fernando Torres thanks
  2. bakero

    Gus&Clara reel

    hi, we did a new reel from the latest works any feedback would be much appreciated! thanks, gustavo http://www.vimeo.com/6305957
  3. thank you for the help...really. i am pretty new in the Xpresso world but you guys helped me a lot! by the way, i saw recently a post asking about looping a formula or even a wind object...i had to loop a flag... is this possible in Xpresso?
  4. Thank you so much Jeff!! it worked... bakero
  5. Hi Mographers, i have this situation when a liquid made by a TP an a metaball has to start at one specific frame. I am using the particle geometry, the TP standard emitter and the TP follow spline, but i cant see the option to start emitting further in timeline... like in frame 60 for instance. anybody has some tips? thank u all, Bakero
  6. hello mographers, i really need help with this. i am trying to use bvh files within C4D, but i have a lot of conceptual problems. for examle: can i use the otto character to test an .bvh file? or it has to be a character like the Zygotes or a pre rigged character? my problem is when i open the zygote, merge the bvh file, first i see they have the axis point and the position different, but i keep going i add the motion data to the zygote by dragging it up to the respective layer, and the character automatically turns on x axis and it seem that is flying..., which is horrible, like he adopted some kind of position and rotation from the bvh file..not all the movement what thing i am missing? btw, i imported the same mocap file in poser and it seem to work fine, then i use the interposer menu in c4d and everything messed up with the bvh file again.. thanks so much....
  7. most of us are so happy to have some work, that we totally drop the ball on the legal aspects of doing business. In the end, that approach only leads to bad things. sure...this is a lesson that i will never forget...first things first thank all of you guys!
  8. imcalledandy> i sent the invoice several times, and we didnt make a contract...i only have the emails as evidence of the agreement...dont know if this is usefull or useless... i forgot to explain that they payed me the 30 % at the moment of starting the work, that was my condition, so i chilled out at the beginning, thinking that they was a serious company. i think youre right about the contract first, its one more step to keep your work safe! thx
  9. you can use layers to organize your objects and then using the solo switch to isolate undesired objects and animation
  10. hi Mike..in fact i really dont know...it seems that i have to start looking for a legal help the only thing i want is get payed for the job...no more /no less...and forget this client forever! thx in advance! bakero
  11. thanks for the tips PauloBlob..i already did the phone calls to the companies were he worked and after that he responded me with an email telling me the same you wrote, that his best client left him..and blah blah i talked with his partner and he told me: i dindnt told you? he has a lot of debts.. No! u didnt tell me that! iam not so stupid to work with somebody in that case.. i cant travel to Spain..(of course i imagined knocking his door by surprise..and i dont think i can affor a lawyer for this, its gonna take more money than the one he owes me! in fact, i am orientating more for the mess thing..i will spam to the world his name and the danger he can make... you re right when you say there is no poor client when there hiring you, and i checked his clients and works and looked fine to me at the moment to decide work for him.. still, dont know how to force him to pay me.. thx very much! Bakero
  12. Hi mogrpahers, i have this problem with a client form Spain, I am from Argentina, and the last year ive been working in a huge project in C4D...it took me like 6 months to finish because they changed me the style in the middle of the proccess..but this is not the problem.. we decided that the payment should be in february this year, and i was very compassive with all this.. we are in May..and he excuses me telling that he lost his job and he will pay me asap. the thing is i dont believe him anymore an im feeling that i will loose my money... does anybody been trough for a situation like this? for me is the first time and i dont know what to do... sorry for my english...any tips would be really appreciated Gustavo Torres bkrstudio
  13. thanks for your comments Sexie Borja, i will dedicate some time to do that
  14. 3:30 is about 2:00 more than you need. I actually walked away to attend to something for a minute, came back, and it was still playing, and still had enough left to go that even then my attention drifted off before it finished. 3:30 is a music video. What you want to give us is a taste test. You want to give us a sampler. When you condense it, make sure you're deliberate about your editing. This shouldn't just be a stream of consciousness thing. Don't just plug any old shot into each space and cut it to the music. Lead us through it all with some intention. Take us on a journey through your work so that the montage becomes an interesting piece of work in its own right. thanks man, i will work on it asap, that showreel is the only piece that get old in comparison with all the work, and its too long too.
  15. hi all, hi mograph! from Argentina have my site updated a little hope you guys like it and comment! BKRstudio
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