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  1. ...ok... apart than time-out.
  2. Hi, I am looking for an online resource for Design / VFX scene in London. A site that lists small or big events, exhibitions, festivals etc. related to these fields. Thanks.
  3. ...I am looking for other companies... or people... because I was not able to find some of the main CG scenes on their web sites... so there should be some other people involved... or the documentation on the previously mentioned sites is not accurate...
  4. Yeah... yeah... I have seen those. Very cool in-camera / on-set effects... but the CG, FX sequences is not explained. There is some documentation the web sites of the Fx-companies involved... but they are just about some of the sequences... Not those that I am trying to research... But thanks anyway.
  5. Hi, Do you know any companies or people that have done the CG / digital FX work on this movie. Apart from: http://www.buzzimage.com/en/work/making_of/31 http://www.customfilmeffects.com/ I am making a research (essay) on some of the effects... Especially things like dissapearing cars, walls and the transitions. The companies that I mentioned above have done some of the CG / FX work... but no documentation about the other main FX scenes. Very good movie, by the way. Thanks.
  6. ok... some things change... Do you know if the plugins for Maya 7 like... "Shave and Hair Cut", "Glue 3D"... Real-Flow importer... Xfrog importer... and many more... Will they directly run on Maya 8? Or should we wait for upgrades... Thanks.
  7. ...I do not know... they have added some new menu functions... But I just do not like the word "MESH"... nurbs are "surfaces" now... polygons are "mesh"... some menu items that used to be things like polygon tools are now under MESH something...
  8. Hi, I have just tested Maya 8. It is strange... It feels like Max. They have removed (or hide... not sure) lots of menu items... there is something called "Mesh" and lots of functions are placed under different menus... It is definitely not good... What do you think? Am I who is conservative about Alias... or is it really radically changed...
  9. I will try it. Thanks. I will let you know... I have moved to a MacBook Pro... But my G5 still has the files on it... I backed up lots of pref and library folders... but the one you specified... I have missed it... Thanks. Hope it works.
  10. Hi, I am using FontExplorer on OSX. It is a good software and it keeps my fonts organised. The problem is that every time I am moving to a new system... or setting up the OSX again... I am not able to get the same CATEGORIES and custom SETS to work. I have all of my fonts copied to: USER:FontExplorer:Font Library I backup the fonts... I back up cofig files. But when I just re-import the fonts and the config files... it does not happen as it should. All fonts are imported. The SETs are created... but the fonts do not go into the sets. Each set has (0) and is empty... Any help?! Thanks.
  11. Symbolic


    Great. Thanks for the resource. What is the best way to do clouds in Maya. Fluids? Particles? Any resources on this issue? Thanks.
  12. you are right about the structure of the message and the question... I guess it is about using the keyed footage as a 2.5D layer... just key the footage... get the clean matte... use the keyed footage it as a 2.5D (aka 3D) layer and use a ligth... with some surface layers to get the shadows... and thats all...
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