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  1. Looking for examples on great color grading. Anything from articles to commentary to just nice videos. Note: I am looking to understand it further, but not really tutorials. Thanks!
  2. What is a good workflow (file formats/types/codecs)? In the past (ages ago, apparently) we used Quicktime with black magic codecs, which seemed to work well. Now those codecs are a pain in the ass to get, making viewing old videos difficult and now that the Quicktime player is no longer supported...it seems I need to get up to date with things. Any articles, processes, links, etc., etc., would be appreciated....thanks! (this includes 3D renderings/animations, AE output and live footage)
  3. Thanks. How do I smooth the tracking? I have an animation clip that is smooth, but when tracked it makes a bunch of keyframes that cause the shape (that the motion is applied to) to jump. Is there anything I can do about that? Deleting keyframes manually seems to work, but it'll take ages. [i am able to track the motion fairly well, but because the tracking isn't perfect (even though I have it set to stop if it's 20% unsure, but it never stops) the applied object (text and box) bounces enough to be distracting). Editing each keyframe would take forever.]
  4. I am trying to get a rectangle to follow a point on a video. So the text rectangle always faces the camera but moves to follow the point in the video. I've been going through tutorials for Track Camera and Track Motion, but all see to be far beyond what I am trying to do (and I've grown frustrated trying to isolate only what I need). Anyone have a good, simple tutorial to do this? Thanks!
  5. First one is great (not exactly what I am looking for, but inspirational - thanks), second one looks like the "process" is making a sandwich ;-)
  6. I am looking for process videos. Videos showing how a company designs or goes through their process (storyboards, etc.). Any good links out there? Thanks!
  7. H264 (I was told) Mediainfo shows it as a MPEG-4 (Quicktime), AVC
  8. I get this error when importing into Premiere (and AE) "unsupported or damaged file" and I get this when I try to open in QT "not a file Quicktime understands". The file works, I am the only one having problems on my computers. Weird thing is when I use Movavi Video Converter and Allok MPEG4 Converter (which is years old and probably $30 each) can read the file fine. It can also convert the file and I can then open the new Quicktime in PP! Unfortunately, I can't retian the quality I need by exporting it out again from one of these converters. Any ideas what it is? If it was a codec issue, I thought updating all my software would help, but it didn't. Also, I would think Movavi wouldn't be able to read it if there was a problem with the file. I updated Adobe's latest Media pac. Thanks!
  9. JM - Graph editor TK - it is the same (for the mask) in both - rather, it looks like there is only one graph (it doesn't change when you switch back and forth between value/speed) I think you are correct, though (that I am confused :-) )....in the tutorial, they edited the value graph (rotation and scale) with free bezier handles, but the other videos I've watched are adjusting the speed (and with the Ease Wizz script). I am used to it being all the same (in 3DSMax), one graph with free handles that influence speed and position. I guess I am confused what the difference is (if you eased the position, wouldn't that ease the speed as well?) Looks like the free bezier handles are only in rotation and scale? Awfully confusing! Thanks for the help!
  10. Onto the next question Why do I see regular (unrestrained) bezier handles for some animated pieces, then others it is locked to the x axis? I am trying to animate a mask and control the easing, but all I get is the bezier handles being locked to the x axis....? So far, none of the easing tutorials I've watched go over this. I've installed the Ease Wizz, but that still doesn't give good control. I must be missing something....
  11. Thanks! That tutorial was a big help.
  12. I very rarely use it, for complex projects I hire artists that are professionals. This being something that is pretty basic, I was simply hoping that someone could point me in the right direction (as I do all the time for areas that I am an expert in). Obviously I can watch 50 videos and learn AE, I thought someone might have recalled a video that was relevant, that's all. I never expected this to become such an issue. In my experience with other tools (3DS Max, PS, IL, photography, etc., etc) the challenge is in the details, not the method. The video above has a superb attention to detail, something most don't achieve (that I am familiar with). That's where a tutorial becomes helpful - those minute details that are only 1% of the 'solution', but make the video exponetially more polished. Things that only an experienced expert could explain easily. Thanks anyway.
  13. 'Specifically, the graphic elements that slide up/over with text' I am looking for a tutorial that helps demonstrate this part. I thought that was pretty specific. I am not trying to reproduce the entire video and wouldn't expect anyone to spend time going over each item. I only posted a link to show the motion and ask a general question about whether the 3D effects could be reproduced in AE. Thanks for answering the part about AE and what could be done
  14. I was looking for a suggestion on tutorials, something like "oh, yeah, I recall seeing a tutorial that shows something similar in basic steps, here it is....glad I could help out!", or maybe an answer to the 'is it possible to do all of this in AE? Thanks for looking, anyway.
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