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  1. Hi People just a long time I don't use the forum... I just face a job which demand us to create a video mosaic like this example. http://therumpusroom.tv/lips-xbox-360/ I already did once with photos and was quite a mission, but I know many softwares which can do this kind of mosaic.. but when everything is moving, I'm a bit lost... Does anyone know any after effects/nuke/whatever/ plugin that could helps us with that? I'm researching but I can't find it.. Thanks so much!
  2. My Tag: renatokg I'm a beginner in LIVE yet...
  3. renatokg

    music video

    thanks guys! It means a lot. I will try to prepare a nice making off... it's good to share things.
  4. renatokg

    Music Video

    That's preeetty nice the shots are well solved and the compositions are pretty professional. Loved the soft colors in the same time it's saturated... really good!
  5. renatokg

    Hopper Video

    nice animations. maybe too dark sometimes, if you think the great thing in Hopper was light... but a well done piece
  6. renatokg

    music video

    wow more tahn 80 views and no comments? is it a crap or what :(
  7. renatokg

    music video

    Hi everybody After a long time working in this video, I´m finally proud to share it here. It´s a music video for an Indonesian band called The S.I.G.I.T. (www.myspace.com/thesigit), and I made it all my free time for free and with a lot of passion. It´s 95% done by myself, with an HV20 and sometimes a homemade 35mm adapter. The other 5% are cheap image banks I bought like the tanks, explosions, etc. Here is the vimeo link of it: http://www.vimeo.com/4140405 And I also have a mov version here: http://www.renatokg.com/works/sigit/sigit_april_01_low.mov And a blog with a little information (little) about the process: http://sigitproject.wordpress.com And here are some screenshots... Please feel free to review and ask for techniques, I will be glad to answer everything. Anyway, I´m proud of myself once I finished a complex project... Hope you like it!
  8. nice work man ps:parabens rapaz. continua na nova zelandia?
  9. impressive modelling and rendering skills!
  10. really nice shine particles around the turtles and elements... good work ariba!!
  11. hey I really enjoy this piece, I´m sure it takes a lot of time to finish. The only thing I miss is the trnasformation for your signature ..it would be perfect...
  12. renatokg

    christmas card

    hehee happy hanukkah!! tks man
  13. renatokg

    christmas card

    Hello! We wish a merry christmas for you guys! http://www.terracota.com.br/htmls/boas_fes...oas_festas.html comments are always welcome cheers!
  14. Really great! I like the media mix.. Happy Hollydays for everybody! Here's our : http://www.terracota.com.br/htmls/boas_fes...oas_festas.html
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